Happy birthday Vince McMahon who just turned 73 today…

Love him or hate him all you want to… we wouldn’t be watching WWE TV and going to live WWE events — whether live TV wrestling or house shows — if it wasn’t for this guy. We all watch wrestling ’cause of him whether you want to admit it or not. The WWE becoming a powerful company it is today didn’t happen over night. It took a long road for Vince to get where the WWE is today. The company originally started as Capital Wrestling Corporation in the 1950’s and then I think Vince’s father who is Vince McMahon Sr. bought the company years later in the 70’s the business name was changed to World Wide Wrestling Federation and then later changed again to World Wrestling Federation which we all know as the WWF. In the early 80’s, Vince McMahon Jr. officially bought the company.

Vincent K. McMahon ran the company ever since then and he stills runs it today which is now known as the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). They had to change the name again due to losing a trademark war against the World Wildlife Fund in which they lost.

Vince started the Golden Era in WWE which were the 80’s… without that Vince wouldn’t have given us Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Macho Man, Roddy Piper, Iron Shiek, Bret the Hitman Hart, Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, Sgt. Slaughter, The Ultimate Warrior, and the list goes on. Those wrestlers happened because of Vince McMahon. Then the 90’s came which gave us Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Dave Bautista and the list goes on. We all watch wrestling on TV and go to live wrestling events ’cause of Vince Mcmahon whether you want to admit that or not. Vince is a hard worker and a genius.

While being owner of WWE, Vince also worked on camera over the years of his life. At first, he started off as a TV announcer and color commentator. He has done that for many years. Then years later in the 90’s, he became an in-ring performer himself by feuding with Stone Cold Steve Austin which became the most iconic feud in wrestling history… that was during the Attitude Era. After his feud with Stone Cold, Vince continued to perform and he even became a wrestler himself by having matches against some of the biggest stars on ppvs. Vince had some pretty classic matches too, btw.

We all respect the hell out of Vince McMahon ’cause he’s the father of pro wrestling. He gave us it all. Without the WWF/WWE then WCW, ECW and TNA wouldn’t have happened either. Those other companies happened after the WWF was born.

I know I respect Vince so much ’cause he gave us so much. The man clearly loves what he does and I thank him for that. I wouldn’t be a WWE superfan if it wasn’t for this guy ’cause I watched WWE for many years. I love pro wrestling and I’ll never grow out of it. Vince worked so hard to give us all this. That man deserves more respect for sure.


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