Getting into dead lifting, flat bench press and barbell squatting full time this year…

Like I said, this coming Friday on Aug. 31, I’ll be doing a benching and dead-lifting meet in Albany with some people that I know. That’s an event that I’m looking forward to. Ya know, I never played any sports over the years of my life. I never played baseball, basketball and football. Well, honestly I did play baseball when I was in little league and I played basketball and football in gym high school but that’s about it. I was never really on a team for anything in high school ’cause why? It’s simply because of my scoliosis that stopped me from playing sports.

Now that I had a major back surgery to get the Harrington Rod put in me, I’m good enough to do anything I want in life. I still can’t play big sports really but I got into bodybuilding and weightlifting so I can feel athletic. Bodybuilding and weightlifting is a sport technically. I think I’m going to get into a sport finally by doing power lifting competitions and I’m about to do my first power lifting meet pretty soon which I’m very excited for. I’m getting older and in my 40’s so you can only live once. Might as well do something amazing and age isn’t stopping you.

For a while now I’ve been doing dumbbell presses on the floor which is actually very good ’cause it helps give you more strength for the regular barbell bench which I’m about to try very soon. For the dumbbell press, I’m can lift 55 lbs so does that mean that I could probably lift heavy on a regular bench press? Yes, I probably could. It means that I could probably lift 90 lbs. – 100 lbs or a little over, we’ll see.

At the gym over the weekend, I just did regular barbell squatting at the squat rack for 50 lbs., 4 sets and 10 reps each. I’m noticing a difference doing barbell squatting between a smith machine and a regular squat rack. I’m liking the regular squat rack more so free weights is the best way. That was the very first time I ever did regular squatting at the squat rack and I could only do 50 lbs. Next time I’ll go 10 lbs. extra heavy and try 60. Barbell squats are awesome. A lot of people are against the Smith machine but I’m not. I have no issues with the Smith machine but I prefer free weights more.

So from now on, I’m going to start doing regular barbell bench, barbell squats at the squat rack and barbell dead-lifting. If I’m going to start doing power lifting meets then I’m going to have to start doing these.

I’m going to do research on the kind of shoes I should be wearing for dead-lift and squats and I’m going to do shoes shopping soon. I’m also going to buy protective knee wraps for dead-lift and squats too. Should I start wearing a belt like most lifters do? Yes, I think I should and I will. I need to get trained into this stuff and I know a guy that can teach me and I’m going to see him at the power lifting competition this coming Friday. This guy is an expert weight lifter, he knows a lot and I’m sure he can teach me a lot. I want to get big and strong and power lifting will help me.

Yeah, I’m getting into power lifting and stuff and want to get into it but you’ll never see me in the Olympics or anything. I’m just doing this for fun and to challenge myself. Take my lifting to the next level, ya know? I’ve been lifting weights for 10 years or a little over now. Has it been that long already? Certainly doesn’t seem like it! I just want to get into something new. Even though I’ll never compete in the Olympics ever, I still do hope to win a few trophies here and there ’cause that would be cool. Win a few weight-lifting trophies as a way to make myself feel proud about. Not sure that’ll ever happen but ya never know. Just gotta work hard and get it.

Getting into weight lifting competition at around 40 years old? How about that? You’re never too old to do these things. Remember that, no excuses, y’all. If ya wanna do it well fucking doing it.


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