Video: What Albany Strength power lifting competitions are like…

Since tomorrow is the big day, my first Power Lifting competition meet at Albany Strength, I thought I would show you what it would look like. This is what I’ll be doing tomorrow evening. Tomorrow is the bench pressing and dead-lifting meet.

I’ll only be able to lift 90 lbs. on the bench or a little over but on the dead-lift, I’m sure I’ll kick ass on that.

I can’t wait and pretty stoked. I’m sure I’ll do okay and when I get home after tomorrow, I’ll let you know how I did and I’ll post video ’cause I’ll be filming my lifts.

Gonna be a blast. Not only will I be going to compete in the meet, we’ll probably stay to watch others lift and this will be cool to meet new people too.

After I do my first power lifting meet, I probably will do a lot more ’cause I’ll probably end up loving it. I might end up becoming a full time power lifter.

I never thought I would get into any competition of any kind but I’m doing it, I guess. That video above is old but just to give you an example of what I’m about to do tomorrow. Once again, gonna be a blast and I can’t wait!


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