Today is my first power lifting competition meet, I’m gonna give it my best shot!!!

Well today is the big day. Later today in the evening is gonna be my very first power lifting competition meet at Albany Strength in Albany. I’m pretty stoked and can’t wait! Yesterday, I took a day off of gym and called it a rest day. Today I’m not going the Battenkil Y to workout ’cause I don’t want to wear myself out before my first power lifting meet. I was told it was good to rest the day before so you can be full of energy, ya know?

Yeah, I know some people will want me to go in there and go easy on the lifting when it’s my turn to lift at the meet but no freakin’ way I won’t go easy! I’m gonna go all in and give it my best shot! They don’t call it power lifting for no reason, ya know? Lifting heavy is the name of the game!

What will my personal records be for dead-lift and bench press?

For bench I could probably do like 90 lbs. or a little over.

For dead-lift I could probably do like 150 lbs. or a little over. I’m gonna try to go for 160 lbs. possibly.

Yeah, I’m probably gonna end up getting into power lifting full time. Will I switch my workout routines at the gym into a power lifting program? Probably not. I’ll just continue to workout how I usually do but I will add in dead-lifting, regular squatting and regular bench in my work out plans. I’m going to do those every week from now on.

A lot of times I wonder how I could increase my strength in dead-lift, squats and bench? Well I guess the only answer to that is keep continuing to train every week and you’ll get stronger doing that. When I go to the meet later this evening, I’m probably gonna get tons of advice and tips on how to increase my strength. I’ll need to learn better form and better technique too.

Power Lifting could be good for me to get into and that could help get me a bigger body quicker too.

Tonight is gonna be a blast. I’m looking forward to watching other people do their lifts too. I know I’m going to be seeing other wicked huge men tonight and they’re gonna be lifting between 200 lbs – 500 lbs. or over. It’s gonna be interesting watching them. I’m not that kind of lifter yet but I want to be. Just gonna take my time and not get too ahead of myself.

Looking forward to tonight. There will be pics and video exclusively on my instagram.



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