Thinking about making a life story short-documentary video about myself… mostly about my fitness and music adventures…

I’ve thought about doing this for a long time. Ya know, making a video about myself kind of like those biography documentaries you see of famous people on TV but it will be a short documentary about me. It’ll be mostly about my fitness and music life. I won’t get too personal about my life but it’s just gonna be about my fitness and music. I think that’s why I’m starting to take video footage of myself working out at the gym and footage of my power lifting competitions and all that stuff will be part of the documentary. There will be a lot of stuff about my music too.

I think it’ll be an inspirational video for my supporters and fans that I have out there. Yes I do have ’em, fans and supporters. The documentary film will be a good opportunity for people to get to know me a little better. I think it’ll be a fun project.

I’m thinking about working with a professional videographer to make this video with as I have a few good ideas. I would like this to be professionally made, ya know? I think this will be a cool idea. Kind of like a biography maybe, I’m really contemplating this idea. There will be music and an interview with me on it.

Not sure if a project like this would really happen but it would be awesome. I would wait ’til I get new original music out, though and then I’ll start planning on it. I probably will go for it.



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