Combining bodybuilding and power lifting together… can it be possible? Yes! I’ll figure it out…

So I’m just getting into power lifting. Yes, power lifting and body building are both slightly different from another. The difference? Well body building is more focused on building muscle, losing fat, strict dieting and all that. Power Lifting is being able to lift the heaviest you can possibly lift and in power lifting you don’t have to worry about transforming your physique to when you’re lean. In power lifting, you can still be really fat and out of shape and lift weights anyways.

I want to do both. Power Lifting and Body Building. In Power Lifting, all that requires is just bench, squatting and dead-lift so I’m going to do all three full time every week. I gotta add those to my workout plan and I just did that. So how would I combine power lifting and body building together? I’ll figure it out as I’m doing some research on the internet and I’ll ask for some advice from my two power lifting coaches that I’ve been working with. Yes, I do have two power lifting coaches and those are the two people who I went to my first Power Lifting competition with last Friday.

I think Power Lifting would be good for me ’cause it would help give me more strength for my regular weight lifting in other workouts, ya know? Power Lifting would be pretty useful and that’s a part of why I’m getting into it. Just to be able to lift stronger and lift heavier is the goal. I’ll also want to build muscle at the same time while building power lifting strength and I’ll figure it out. I want to get a bigger body and I think Power Lifting will help me get that too.

Some  of you may say to yourself, “Power lifting is very dangerous and you’re going to kill yourself”. Um, not really. From what I’ve experienced last Friday night at my first Power Lifting competition, it seems very easy and safe to me. Even though Power Lifting and Body Building are slightly different they are still a bit similar in a way too. In Power Lifting, you just lift the weights that feel most comfortable to you just like in body building. You don’t want to lift weights you can’t lift to avoid injury.

At the Power Lifting meet last Friday, I was watching other lifters and I’ve seen plenty of other lifters that can’t even lift the bar all the way up so that means the lift was no good. I’ll make sure I never do that in a competition meet. When I do more competitions, I’ll make sure all my lifts count. I won’t fail any of my lifts at the competitions, I promise you that. Yeah, I definitely do want to do more power lifting competitions for sure.

I used to be against weight lifting competitions and never really wanted to do that in the past but my feelings have changed and now I want to get into them. I never saw myself as a power lifter until now.

Over the years of my life, so many people doubted me and always worried about my lifting and I want to get into competitions to start proving people wrong. From what I’m seeing so far, I’m doing a good job of that… proving people wrong.

Ever since I did my first competition last Friday night, I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from my family, friends and fans. It felt pretty amazing. I never thought I would win a trophy on my first try… when they called my name, my jaw dropped. It was an amazing night for sure. Now someday, I hope to make first place.


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