One thing I love about Power Lifting competitions is how honest they are… you want to do one? Be ready for some honest feedback…

Experiencing my first power lifting competition was really interesting. What I found most interesting about it was how honest they really are. If you do really good lifting there at the meet, you do them perfectly, people around you there will give you respect. When you go to a competition if you want respect, you gotta earn it. If you do a bad lift, they won’t be afraid to say that as well and then they’ll give you honest advice on how to do them better.

When they do give you honest feedback, they won’t put you down and upset you, though. They’ll be nice and humble about it. There’s no judgement at all with these power lifting competitions.

When I went last Friday night, I was hoping to get some good advice and some pointers on how I could lift better but turns out I didn’t need much advice ’cause my two coaches already saw that they knew exactly what I was doing. Really they were impressed with me. Even the owner of Albany Strength was impressed with me ’cause I got good compliments by him too.

Why were people impressed with my lifting that night? It’s simply because I’ve been lifting for many years already. It’s been about 10 years or a little over by now. When I first started lifting weights, I was already doing bench pressing and dead-lifting. I experimented with those workouts for a little bit then I gave them up and now I’m back to them full time. I’ve been lifting weights for a long while. I’m a self-taught body builder and weight lifter. Yes, you heard that right! Some out there would be surprised that I never had a coach or a personal trainer. I did all of this by myself.

How did I teach myself? Simply put, I learned from books (Arnold’S Modern Bodybuilding book is the best bodybuilding book out there), youtube videos and just by watching other people in the gym. A lot of people think I don’t know what I’m doing, they think I’m gonna hurt myself and blah blah blah… I got a lot of negativity over the years. So now all that negativity is starting to turn to positive now that people are finally starting to see what I do.

I love weight lifting. It’s the second passion of mine other than music.

Another reason I got into power lifting competitions is that I wanted to feel like a pro athlete. Take my weight lifting to the next level and go pro, ya know?

Power Lifting competitions are definitely a blast. I definitely wanna do more of them in the future.


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