Finally bought a Fuzz pedal yesterday…

Yesterday when I went to the mall, I decided to hit Saratoga Guitar first ’cause Saratoga Guitar shop is right near the Wilton Mall. I wanted to see what they have for guitar pedals and see what’s good, ya know? I wanted to see what they have for fuzz pedals and the only one they had was the one you see in the pic above which I bought yesterday. So yes, the BOSS Fuzz FZ-5 is the latest guitar pedal to add to growing pedal collection.

I really love the Fuzz sound. The Fuzz tone can help give my lead guitar playing and rhythm playing a different sound. It can help give me a 60’s/70’s rock n’ roll sound which is what I’m after.

I really want to make some serious rock n’ roll music pretty soon. I’m just getting myself prepared and trying to get all the gear and sounds for it. I now have a solid body electric guitar and a pretty good small collection of pedals so I think I’m good.

I used to be against guitar pedals and effects but now I’m thinking they can be pretty useful. I want to collect as many pedals and effects as much as I can. I gotta get a flanger pedal at some point and I will. I would also like to get an Equalizer and Compression pedals at some point too.

Trying to start my own pedal board and I will soon buy a pedal board so I can put all the pedals together.

I want to start writing my own hard rock songs. Not exactly metal but sort of something like that. I want to write original hard rock music that sounds similar to Sabbath, Megadeth, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, etc. I want to write rock songs with big riffs and just regular singing. You’ll hear no screaming and no death metal growls from me. I just want to sing regularly… although you’ll definitely hear me sing some rock songs with a bit of grit/rasp only when the song calls for it.

I want to write rock songs on the electric guitar and I think it’s finally time to rock.


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