Benching, squatting and dead-lifts aren’t all that bad… I’m starting to really like all 3!!!

In the past, I used to be against doing barbell stuff in the gym. I mostly wanted to do dumbbell stuff for most body parts, but I guess doing barbell stuff is really good. Doing barbell stuff in the gym is really growing on me. I’m really liking bench and regular squats at the squat rack. Maybe doing barbell stuff like those are really effective for building muscle mass and more strength?

A lot of people like to knock the bench press and I was guilty of bashing the bench but I don’t hate bench pressing anymore. If you want to get a much bigger chest, bench press is pretty much the way to go. If I’m going to be doing powerlifting competitions more, I’m going to have to bench, squat and deadlift full time and I just started doing that.

I’ve never done barbell squats in my life before… that I used to avoid like the plague and I just started squatting at the squat rack for the first time. I’m really liking that too. I was doing barbell squats earlier this morning trying to find out what my personal record is gonna be on that and turns out my PR for squats is 100 lbs. for one rep. As long as I can do the leg press machine heavy that means I can squat heavy on the barbell too. I could probably go more than 100 lbs. on squats and I’ll try that next time.

I don’t need a spotter for most of my workouts… except the only workout that I need with a spotter is on the bench of course. You don’t need a spotter for deadlift and you don’t need a spotter for squats either ’cause most squat racks have adjustable safety bars. For bench, I need a spotter but for the heavier sets. The lighter sets on bench I can get alone but for heavier sets, I’ll get a spotter. It’s always good to get a spotter when you’re not sure of something ’cause you never know.

If I want to do more powerlifting competitions in the future and I will, I need to bench, squat and deadlift full time. I need to build more strength if I want to be able to lift heavier which is the goal. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to win 1st place.

Anyway, on a side note if I want to get bigger in size and get even mores strength, I think benching, squats and deadlift is pretty much the way to go. All three of those workouts are the king of all workouts and I can now see why all three are very popular. All three exercises are compound exercises which means they workout more than one body part. The bench can workout most of the upper body including your arms and the squats/deadlift works out most of your lower body.

I used to avoid all 3 workouts ’cause I was afraid they might make my scoliosis much worse but now I’m thinking that won’t be a problem at all. Some may say bodybuilding is dangerous for people with scoliosis and the Harrington Rod but not really. It’s really safe and I don’t see how it could damage the spine even more. As long as you have strength and muscle, shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve been lifting weights heavy for 10 years or more and haven’t had anything happen to me yet. I’m good to do all the bodybuilding and powerlifting all I want.


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