Benefits of dead-lifting, it really is the best workout…

A lot of people assume that dead-lifting is a dangerous workout; mostly people who don’t workout or newbies believe that. Dead-lifting is not dangerous at all… as long as you do them correctly and responsibly, dead-lifts can be very easy and safe. I think dead-lift is the easiest workout in the gym ’cause all you do is pick the bar up off the floor, that’s it!

A lot of people are scared to do dead-lifts for whatever reason even I’m guilty of that admittedly. Doing my very first powerlifting competition in dead-lifting gave me a lot more confidence in dead-lift and I’m going to stick with dead-lift for a pretty long time… probably for the rest of my life.

Dead-lifting can have many great benefits like if you want sexy legs and a sexy ass, the dead-lift will do that to ya. Dead-lift can also reduce and prevent lower back pain. The dead-lift can be VERY GOOD for the back. It’s not bad for the back like some assume. Dead-lift not only works out the lower body, it can workout the entire body pretty much. It can also be the best fat burner exercise too.

The dead-lift can also help you in real-life situations outside of the gym for example you can help people move heavy furniture, do heavy lifting at your job and things thing like that.

Check out this interesting article here:

Some people will get all worried and stuff about you dead-lifting when they shouldn’t. Dead-lifting is the most easiest and safest workout there is, in my opinion.

Another great benefit that the dead-lift can give ya is that it helps give you more strength for other workouts too for example the bench press and squats. Doing dead-lift could help you bench and squat a little heavier the same for every other exercise in the gym.

Dead-lifting is also the best stress reliever exercise there is, in my opinion. For some reason, each time I dead-lift, I feel real good after that. It does make you a happier person and helps gets things off of your system.

You guys out there want to look great wearing tight jeans and attract the ladies, the dead-lift will do that. You want to look sexy wearing nothing but underwear or boxer shorts… again, the dead-lift. That’s another reason why I want to get into dead-lifting and squatting full-time so I can improve my lower body.

I’m sure bench press and squats have some great benefits too and I’m about to look them up.


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