Actually, I’m thinking of ditching leg press for good if I’m going to get into barbell squatting full time… don’t really need to do both…

Ya know, after thinking about trying to work on my form for leg press, I’m thinking of ditching that workout completely. I don’t really need to do barbell squats and leg press on the same leg day. I’ve been noticing that doing both is too much for the quads, ya know? I’ve been reading bodybuilding and fitness forums online and many lifters say that you should do both squats and leg press. I disagree.

If you think about it since I’m gonna do deadlift and barbell squats full time that’s good enough for the legs. Doing research on deadlift, I’ve read that the deadlift targets muscles on the whole body pretty much including the quads and hamstrings. All the leg press targets is mostly the quads and some hamstring, that’s about it. I was never a big fan of the leg press anyways so I’m thinking of ditching it from my leg day routine and just do squats and deadlifts from now on. Both squats and deadlifts work the quads pretty good. Doing squats, deadlifts and leg press all at once… oh man, that’s gonna make your legs really sore all week and my legs are pretty sore right now. Another thing, I think doing too much to your quads is a bit overkill and over training, in my opinion and won’t give you enough growth. So again, doing deadlifts and squats is good enough for my leg work.

Not sure if I’ll give up the leg press for good, I’m only thinking about it. I’m probably gonna end up doing it ’cause I’m afraid doing leg press will weaken my squat work. I think I’ll definitely get way more strength doing squats if I ditch the leg press. I want to get more leg definition and get bigger quads and the squats will do that to you. I’ve also read doing research about squats is that squats also works out the entire body just like the deadlift. Squats and the deadlift are both compound exercises so that means they’re gonna target more than one body part.

It’s interesting. In the past, I was gonna avoid benching, squats and deadlifts but now I’m getting into all three full time for powerlifting competitions. I can lift heavy on deadlift but not yet a heavy lifter on bench and squats but working on it. For bench and squats I can only do 70 lbs. for 4 sets and 10 reps each both exercises, the deadlift I can lift heavier for whatever reason. I used to not be a fan of these workouts but I’ve grown into loving them now.

Thank god my hometown of Greenwich has a gym that allows benching, squats and deadlifting thanks to the Battenkill YMCA. There used to be a different bodybuilding gym that I used to go to in Greenwich before the Battenkill Y but then the YMCA took the other place out.

I want to get more strength and get bigger in size. I think benching, deadlifting and squatting will all help me greatly. Free weights is definitely the way to go… fuck the machines. When I first started lifting, I started out using machines then I made my way to barbells and dumbbells which is what I prefer more.



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