Just found out why I’m able to deadlift heavy, it’s because I have pretty strong legs is why!

Why is it I’m able to deadlift heavy all of a sudden? It’s simply because maybe I already do have strong and big quads! I was looking for deadlifting videos in youtube and came across this excellent video by Jeff Cavaliere who owns the AthleanX youtube channel which is really great.

This guy describes that the deadlift and leg press are both pretty much the same thing which is pretty much true really. The deadlift is a pushing exercise and you use your legs to help push the bar off the floor when doing the deadlift which is pretty similar to the leg press. In reality, the deadlift is a leg press workout. I have noticed that the deadlift is a lot of leg work, though. Yep, so this is why I’m able to deadlift heavy ’cause my legs were already pretty strong.

For the past 10 years or so I’ve been working out, I’ve been doing a lot of leg workouts which was how I was able to get more strength on my legs. Plus doing a lot of cardio over the years… running, jogging, walking and biking will all help me get strength in my legs too.

Ya know, now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t give up the leg press at all ’cause it can be pretty useful for deadlifting and squats. I probably won’t ditch the leg press at all then… just gotta correct my form and I’ll probably lift lighter weights on the leg press next time I do leg day this week.

Ya know, I can’t tell my own strength and I even surprise myself when I found out that I could deadlift a whopping 200 lbs. which was incredible. I thought to myself, “If I can deadlift heavy then I could probably squat heavy”. The heaviest I can go on squat for now is 105 lbs. for one rep which is pretty good for someone who is just starting out squatting. I still need to get the form on squats right too and I’m learning. Doing research and studying.


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