I believe I’m getting very close to getting a full six pack… I want to measure my bodyfat percentage pretty soon…

My bodyfat definitely’s gotta be pretty low by now. I’m seeing visible abs, visible chest pecs and my arms are getting pretty veiny. Feels real good. I haven’t measured my bodyfat percentage but I’m going to look into doing that soon. There’s a friend of mine who’s a personal trainer at the gym I go to and I’ll probably get her to do it for me ’cause I’m dying to see where my bodyfat percentage is right now. Last time I measured it was about 16% but that was a long time ago when I first started bodybuilding. I haven’t measured my bodyfat in a long long time and I want to get it done again just to see where it’s at. I’m predicting my bodyfat would be around 10% -14% around there. Maybe I’m even below 10% right now, you just never know. I think I pretty much have a good six pack going which was the goal.

I could get lower in bodyfat, though and I’m working on it. I just made my nutrition a lot more strict again. To lower bodyfat isn’t hard. All you gotta do is eliminate all sugary drinks, eliminate alcohol and just drink water only. I’m going to do just that from now on and avoid Gatorade drinks completely. I’ve also been eating high protein and low carb stuff; however, you don’t wan to avoid carbs completely. You still gotta have complex-carbs like fruits and vegetables. You gotta have your whole wheat too and I get the whole wheat mostly from oatmeal and 100% natural bread which is the only bread I eat (I avoid white bread like the plague, trust me). You gotta have good fats too like natural peanut butter, peanuts like almonds and things like that. I’ve been avoiding ice cream more at least I’m trying to but going to avoid it completely now I think. I love ice cream, I have it as a cheat meal once in a while now but I’m going to ditch it completely, I think.

I’ve also been doing a lot more exercising at the gym than weight training. I’ve been doing yoga, stretching exercises, cardio like the treadmill and elliptical machine. I do a lot of bike riding but I think I’m going to start walking everyday ’cause that would help. Even through the fall and winter, I’m going to start walking outside every day. If it’s too cold out then I’ll go to the gym to do treadmill or elliptical. I already do a lot of walking but I think I’m going to do it everyday, I think.

I’m working very hard to become the best shape of my life and just about there, I think. Got more work to do and I’m working on it. Building muscle and losing fat is my goal.

When it comes to nutrition, I’m not going vegan, I’m not doing keto diets, I’m not doing weightwatchers and all that garbage. You don’t need to pay a lot of money for food to get in shape. I keep my healthy nutrition very simple. I’m not a recipe kind of guy where people make silly things like protein cakes, protein pies and protein brownies and all that crap. You get my point?

I’m the kind of guy who wants to stay in shape all year round. I’m not the bulk and cutting guy like a lot of bodybuilders are nowadays. I don’t want to go through that method.

I love working out. It’s my 2nd passion other than music. It’s nice to get all of this positive feedback of what I do. When you get a built and jacked physique and successful at your goals then you need to stay humble about it. There’s no reason to go around acting like you’re a tough guy ’cause you’re jacked, ya know? There’s so many bodybuilders out there with a cocky attitude just because they’re jacked. That’s not me. Just be humble, stay cool and not take yourself so seriously.

I have more workout videos on my Instagram page if you’re interested in seeing them. Enjoy:



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