Does the bench press give you a bigger chest??? Yes it does! Don’t listen to the nay sayers!!!

Ya know, one thing I’ve noticed about bodybuilding over the years of my life is that the bench is a pretty debatable workout. The bench press definitely does have a love and hate relationship with everybody. You either like it or you don’t. The bench press maybe the king of all workouts but it isn’t for everybody, I guess. For some reason there are a lot of people that like to bash the bench press and at the same time there are those out there that love it too.

There are lifters on bodybuilding forums, blogs and websites who loves to criticize the bench press. The most common arguments they make about the bench press is that they think it’s overrated and they also make claims that the bench doesn’t give you a strong chest development. I think the reason that I avoided the bench press is because admittedly, I was a bit naive and fell for the critics bullshit about the bench press. They also don’t like the bench press ’cause it gives them injuries a lot and shit.

So they claim that the bench doesn’t give them bigger pecs. Well one reason for that is bad genetics and they could be doing the bench wrong. If you do the bench correctly, you can hit the chest pretty hard. I’ve gotten back into bench pressing full time and been doing it for a few weeks now. I got back into benching ’cause of my first powerlifting meet that I did on Aug. 31st. So for that reason, I’ve gotten back into benching full time.

People think that bench can give you a lot of injuries well, you can get a lot of injuries with all other workouts too. The bench can be easy and safe as long as you know what you’re doing. You can still do bench, you don’t have to lift heavy all the time. Just lift the weights that feel comfortable for you and you don’t have to lift to failure to ensure that you don’t get injured.

Yeah, I know that the bench got a lot of negative flack over the years but it can be a great workout. I’ve grown into loving it. I have felt my chest getting stronger and getting little development.

Ya know, that’s the thing with bodybuilding. Some workouts are gonna get some haters — mostly the bench and the smith machine. I have no problem with the bench and the smith machine. There’s always gonna be crybabies and haters in the bodybuilding industry so just ignore them and do whatever you want to do in the gym.

I think the bench is great now and I think it will help improve my chest greatly. I do want get a big giant chest and the bench could help get me there for sure. Those that trash the bench just don’t know what they’re talking about. Usually lifters who trash the bench don’t have a great chest themselves so just ignore them.

If you want to bench then do it. I’m guilty of talking negative about the bench in the past but no more. I love it now!



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