Kiss announces final tour titled, “End of the Road”… does this mean they’re breaking up and calling it quits too???

Of course, this wasn’t the first time Kiss had a farewell tour. I remember they had one back in the year 2000 and after the tour, the band split for a while. Of course, they came back later. Not sure how many times they’ve done this over the years but I’m sure they’ve had farewell tours a few times. Well here is another one.

The tour dates hasn’t been revealed yet but I’m sure they will be soon.

Some of you may ask, why is Kiss calling it quits again? Well it seems to me that the band is losing interest and they don’t care anymore. Ya know, think about it. Paul and Gene are getting older pretty much. When Paul and Gene first started Kiss, they were in their early 20’s, I think and now they’re in the late 60’s now. They’re getting old to be doing this and that’s why you see the guys in Kiss doing other things during the band’s hiatus. For example, Gene Simmons went on a solo tour with his solo band called the Gene Simmons band and Paul Stanley went on with his musical project called Soul Station. Gene also released his musical project called, “The Vault” which he has been promoting for a long while now. Paul and Gene are both entrepreneurs as they both own “Rock N’ Brews” restaurants all across the country. Paul is also an artist and he has been getting into painting more.

So yeah, the guys in Kiss has been keeping busy with other things lately so that’s a hint that they are hanging it up for good.

Yeah, a lot of legendary rock bands and artists have been having farewell tours to announce their retirement but you may ask yourself… why do they need to retire publicly and not quietly? Well for one, I think “farewell tours” are nothing but a huge cash grab obviously. They know “farewell tours” can be a huge money maker and also ego is another reason.

In my opinion, “farewell tours” are pretty silly and unnecessary. If you’re going to quit then just quit, simple?

Anyhow, I do hope Kiss plays a final show around the Capital Region. Hopefully they got a show booked at the Times Union Center in Albany ’cause that would be cool. Hopefully they do play Albany and if they do, I’m going. I’m not a fan of farewell tours but I’ll go to this one just for Kiss. I’m a huge Kiss fan and always wanted to see them live. I haven’t been to a national concert in a long time and this one would be awesome to go to.


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