Sly Stallone announced he is leaving to start filming the next Rambo in 5 days…

Looks like Sly is leaving to start filming the next Rambo film as soon as possible. Looks like Sly is not gonna let his hair grow out for Rambo this time. Are we going to get a short haired Rambo? Looks like it.

Anyway, I’m getting very excited for the next Rambo and I’m sure Sly still can play the character very well. I hope the next Rambo movie will be action packed, violent, gritty and gory. I’m sure we’ll get all those and Sly won’t disappoint us at all.

So far the only cast member confirmed for “Rambo 5” is none other than Sly himself, course… I’m sure the film crew will sign more cast members. I’m hoping we’ll see the return of Julie Benz who played Sarah in the 2008 movie… maybe she’ll make a cameo at least, who knows?

I know it’s gonna be hard to see a Rambo movie without Col. Trautman but I hope we see some flashback scenes of him this time ’cause in the 2008 movie, we did get Trautman flashbacks but very little.

I hope they do a good job with the next Rambo movie. They’ll be filming a lot of this movie in other countries overseas. Will they film in the United States? I’m sure they will but they’ll probably film near the Mexican border since this is a movie about Mexican sex traffickers.

This is probably gonna be the final Rambo film and how will they end the Rambo series? Will Rambo get killed off this time? I’m predicting yes that will probably happen. The title of the next movie is “Last Blood” and that’s a clue. They tried to kill Rambo off in the very first movie, “Rambo: First Blood” just like in the book but I think they might kill him off this time. It’s definitely a possibility so don’t be surprised if I turn out exactly right.


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