My latest personal record for deadlift is 210 lbs… see video here…

Here is my latest deadlifting lift. This is me attempting to lift a big 210 lbs. which was a successful lift.

Admittedly I’ve been still trying to get the form down perfectly. Somebody once said I needed to bend my knees more which I did here and somebody once said I needed to line my shoulders up with my shoes so my arms can be perfectly straight on the bar which I also did here. Next time I do deadlifts, I’ll film myself sideways to see if I got the form down.

I’m still trying to get the form down by watching deadlift tutorials through youtube. Perfect form in weightlifting is vital. It must be taking very seriously and I’m trying.

Enjoy the video. I love deadlifting. It’s the best barbell workout for sure, in my opinion. Benching would be my second favorite barbell workout, squats would be my last. I’m trying to like barbell squats more, it’s hard to get into but I’ll get used to it.


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