When your friends and even family aren’t supportive enough of your music, here’s what you do…

I was googling about music and songwriting and things like that and I came across this interesting blog. An older blog post that was posted a few years ago but this one part in the blog really hit me.

Yeah, I’m a musician and singer/songwriter myself. Even though it seems like I’m a cover song guy, I write a lot of original music too. I haven’t written new songs in a long time but planning on getting back into songwriting.

I remember when I did write a bunch of original songs in the past and putting them all out on the internet for all to hear, I had a difficult time trying to get people to support my music. I tried my best to get some of my friends and people I know… even my own family members to be more supportive of my music but not many of them cared. This could be why:

Why Most of Your Friends Don’t Support Your Music

1.More in likely, They Don’t Like Your music, And Just Don’t Want To Tell You

I stopped inboxing and telling most of my friends about my music and my band.

If they are not interested or not apart of the fan base, me trying to force my music on them is not going to do any good.

Unfortunately, most of them only support you when you make it. Or even worst, doubt you, then act like they supported you when you get it.

Do I hate them? Of course not. It might not be their cup of tea.

I’m just explaining one of the brutal truths.


So there you have it, that is exactly why your own friends, acquaintances and even your own family members are not that supportive of your music when you would like them to be. You try your best to get them to listen to your stuff and even get them out to your live gigs but they just don’t seem to care. Well, the truth is maybe they just think you suck and they’re just afraid to tell you so they won’t upset you, ya know?

Yeah, I know it’s really hard to get people to like your music as I have been there. When I was putting out original music, playing live shows in the past… I’ve even had some nasty critics who weren’t afraid to tell me that I suck musically.

Ya know what? All that is fine and good. When you’re a music artist and songwriter, the last thing you want to do is force your music on to people like this blog said.

What you want to do is keep making music and keep putting it out there. The fans will come to you on their own if they dig your music. Let the fans come to you, don’t force your music on others. It may seem like not many people like my music but I’ve had actual fans out there which meant a lot. When I used to gig live in the past, I’ve had complete strangers aka people who I didn’t even know come to my gigs and they ask for a photo with me and all that stuff. I’ll never forget it. It’s a wonderful feeling that you get actual fans that support your music and I’ve got some out there.

When you’re a music artist and songwriter, you’re definitely gonna get haters, critics and doubters. Best thing to do is ignore them and keep making music. In time, people will start to realize that you are talented after-all and you’ll have a huge following before you know it.

Truthfully, you don’t want to have an audience of friends and family as your fanbase ’cause that’s not how it’s done. You want people who don’t know you to support your music. If people don’t like your music, who cares. Fuck ’em, it ain’t the end of the world. Truthfully, I don’t care whether or not people like my music. If they hate it, fine. If they love it, that’s great. I do music for myself for the most part and that’s a great attitude to have.

The key is let the music speak on its own. So many musicians out there don’t know how to do that nowadays. When musicians out there are told that they suck, they get so defensive and that’s the last thing you want to do. A lot of musicians out there get so offended easily over negative criticism. Me? I don’t give a shit. I used to get upset having so many haters but I don’t care anymore really. Just gotta learn to stay above the negative criticism.

Just keep playing and keep making your music. You want to grow your own audience and fanbase. There are millions of people in this country. If some assholes out there aren’t cool enough to support your music and they want to be nothing but jerks, who cares. There WILL be some who will be kind enough to support your music.

Speaking of songwriting, I gotta get back into it ’cause I really miss it.



One thought on “When your friends and even family aren’t supportive enough of your music, here’s what you do…”

  1. Seriously, I envy you. It has been my greatest wish to A.) not care about whether or not I’m a crap singer, B.) not care about whether or not I’m a crap songwriter, and C.) not care about other people’s opinions of either of the aforementioned possibilities. All the same, this post has sparked the slightest desire to stop caring so much, so thanks for that pep talk.

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