D’arcy Wretzky tried to get back in the Smashing Pumpkins even after fallen out with Billy Corgan… interesting…

For some reason Billy Corgan will not let D’arcy Wretzky back in the Smashing Pumpkins full time. He was willing to have her perform with the Pumpkins for a song or or two while on tour but D’arcy didn’t like that idea. She wanted to participate in the original reunion and be a part of it all. She wanted to play bass on every song. BIlly does explain why he doesn’t want her in the band full time ’cause he was concerned about her playing ability since he hasn’t heard or seen her play in many years.

After all this, D’arcy and Billy got into a huge argument… things escalated and the feud got worse. Billy here says that D’arcy continues to ask to be back in the band even after their little fight.


Ya know, I can completely understand why D’arcy badly wants to get back in the band full time. This shouldn’t be called the original Smashing Pumpkins reunion if Billy is not gonna have D’arcy back in. The music press have been calling it the “original” Smashing Pumpkins lineup but it isn’t without D’arcy. Sorry but that’s just the fucking truth, ya know what I’m saying?

She founded the band with Billy. In fact, it was her that helped get the Smashing Pumpkins to mainstream stardom. She was with the band at the very start. The goal with this new tour was that Billy wanted to celebrate the Smashing Pumpkins history by performing songs from the first 5 records. Well guess what, y’all. D’arcy played bass on all 5 of those records. So to call this tour a “Smashing Pumpkins original reunion celebration” is a joke without D’arcy.

I can understand Billy’s concern on her playing ability but my question is why didn’t Billy invite her over so she can play bass for him to see if she still got it? Billy was just so quick to judge her and that’s wrong. I love Billy and the Smashing Pumpkins but I think it’s a mistake to not have D’arcy participate in the reunion full time. I can’t blame D’arcy for begging and pleading to get back in the band ’cause I’m sure she misses playing with them. She wants to celebrate the Pumpkins history with them ’cause she is a part of that history. She is a recognizable figure from all the Pumpkins videos in the 90’s.

I think the real reason Billy won’t let her back in is ’cause she said some pretty negative stuff about him in the press and he is upset with her about it. I think he is lying about the reason he won’t let her in.

I’m a big Pumpkins fan and all but Billy seems kind of douchey and ego-driven.


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