10 Different Types of People You See At the Gym… my version…

You’ve seen vloggers and fitness websites doing these types of lists at the gym… ya know, talking about different types of people you see at public gyms. I’m just going to do my version of what I’ve seen at the gym. Yes, I’ve seen all these types of people at the local gym that I go to in my hometown.

Here is the list in no particular order so I hope you all enjoy:

  • The Half Repper: At all gyms you go to, you will always see half reppers all over the gym. It’s amazing to me how many people do half repping instead of full range of motion. I always workout with full range of motion which is important if you want to get that full contraction. Half repping is horrible form. So many guys do it all over the place. Why do they half rep? It’s because they just want to show off that they can lift heavy and impress everybody in the gym. There are some people who say that partial reps actually helps but I don’t think so. Half reppers in the gym are annoying for sure.
  • Casual clothes wearing people: Instead of wearing appropriate gym attire like shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts or tank tops you’ll definitely see people wearing clothes that you wear everyday. I’ve seen people working out in tight jeans and nice flannel shirts and I’m like, WTF? You’ll see this in every gym too.
  • The chatter: You know these chatty people who talk a lot. They talk for a long time in between their sets and that’s not good for the muscles. I’ve seen people chatting for like 20 minutes or so in between their sets. Just chatting, laughing and bullshitting. The gym is not really a social place. Don’t get me wrong, I like talking to people at the gym but when someone tries to talk to me in between sets, I just say simple things like, “I gotta get back to my workout”. Don’t want to waste a lot of time in between sets. Not good for the body.
  • The cell phone user: Texting and checking your social networking in between sets is very annoying. People would even talk on the cell phones during their workouts too and I’ve seen all this. Crazy. Shut your damn cell phones and gadgets off and worry about that after your workout for the day. Sheesh.
  • Men trying to chat with the ladies even during their workouts: I’ve seen this a lot at the gym I go to as well. A young pretty lady working out and then this guy tries to go over and talk to her. She gladly starts chatting with him. A lot of single men claim they don’t use the gym to pick up the ladies but you know that’s a lie and you know what they’re going for. I like chatting with the ladies at the gym too sometimes but NOT during workouts. Usually after is a good time to start chatting with the ladies.
  • The Unsolicited Advice Giver: I get this from time to time. I’m doing a workout and some dude comes to me to say I’m doing it wrong, you do it this way. You’ll get this a lot at all gyms too. Be aware of this.
  • People who don’t respect the gym: Gym etiquette is real and it’s important too. There’s just people who don’t care about gym etiquette. Ya know, people don’t care to put weights back where they belong. They leave all kinds of trash behind like water bottles and crap like that. It’s terrible. People don’t have any respect for the public gym these days.
  • Ego-lifters: Guys lifting heavy weights they can’t even handle is becoming a problem and I see it all the time. Like they all say if you can’t lift it, don’t do it. Earlier today at the gym, I tried to dead-lift a 215 lb. barbell and I couldn’t even do it so I immediately stopped and dropped the weight down a little. I’ve seen guys that if they can’t handle a weight at all, they continue to lift it anyways. Just insane.
  • The protein shake and supplement guy: Can’t you do this stuff at home? I’ve seen guys with these protein thermos things and they would even drink these things in between their sets at their workouts. I think it’s pretty nuts that they do this.
  • The big water jug people: Nowadays you see men and women bringing in these huge water jugs and they would take it with them at every workout they do. They would take a big drink of water after every set. Um, I believe all gyms should have drinking fountains. If you feel the need to drink water during workouts, how about buying the smaller water bottles you can buy at your local sports stores? I bought one of those even though I hardly ever use it. When people bring in these big water jugs full of water, I think it’s an ego thing. Just to show off to people that they work out hard and stuff, ya know? To me, I don’t even drink water during my workouts ’cause that’s cheating. I like to save the water drinking after I’m done for the day.


There you have it. Enjoy.


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