How would I get bigger in size in bodybuilding… I’ll figure it out somehow…

I’m trying to get bigger in size and yes, you can do that naturally. I’m already am getting bigger in size ’cause people around me are noticing it. When people notice you’re getting bigger in size when it comes to weight lifting, people will tell you. I get a lot of nice compliments on my physique lately… people telling me I look good, “you’re looking massive lately” and things like that. Where ever I walk out in public and I’m wearing a tank top or a t-shirt, I would get stares by people. That’s because they’re probably just admiring my built physique.

I feel pretty good of how I look now but I could get bigger. Before I first started bodybuilding, I used to weigh 130 lbs. Since I’ve been bodybuilding for 10 years or over now, I’ve gained some more weight over the years and now I weigh 148 lbs. I’ve never been fat really… so the weight I gained over the years was muscle weight. I’ve gained muscle pounds over the years since I’ve started lifting. You can get bigger in size just by lifting and that’s how I’m going to continue to do it.

The bodybuilding and powerlifting websites out there say in order to get huge, you need to bulk by eating more calories. Maybe I should give the bulking and cutting method a shot, I don’t know. I have decided to boost my food intake a little bit to see if that will help. I gotta be careful though ’cause if I eat too many calories, I will get fat and I don’t want that.

I’ll just continue to do what I do. Eat clean and lifting hard. Knowing from my own experience, lifting with high intensity will get you bigger. Lifting with high intensity… meaning pushing to your limit. Working out the heavy reps ’til failure which is something known as hypertrophy lifting which is what I’ve been doing a lot lately. Train like a bodybuilder aka “beast mode” is what they all say. That’s how I train in the gym.

Someday I want to look like these guys: The Ultimate Warrior, the young Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brock Lesnar, Dave Bautista, Sly Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, etc. Yes, you betcha I want that big monster look but it’ll take some time to get there. Yes, you can get there without steroids and other drugs.

I already got a decent physique now but could get better and I’m working on it.

I just switched to mostly barbell lifting and that’s gonna help for sure. Doing bench press, deadlift, squats and I’ve started doing seated barbell overhead press for shoulders too. I’m noticing that barbell is way more effective than dumbbells. I’ve been doing bench press for weeks now and I’m feeling great development in my chest lately.

I will never compete for bodybuilding shows ’cause that’s never gonna be my thing, but I will continue to compete for powerlifting shows, though. In the past, I used to be against competitions and all that stuff but powerlifting meets are a blast, though and I definitely gonna do more.

Some of you may ask, why do I want to get so big in size in bodybuilding? It’s not an ego thing or anything. I just want to be able to become the best shape of my life. You can only live once, ya know? Just want to live a healthy lifestyle and also to prove the doubters wrong. People are always criticizing and doubting me in my fitness goals and this is my opportunity to shut ’em all up.

I’m definitely thinking about making my life story documentary video that I was talking about. It’s probably gonna happen and it’s in the planning stages right now.





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