Why I’m trying to build a guitar pedal collection…

I’ve been trying to build up my guitar pedal collection ’cause why? I want to start playing electric guitar on a full time basis and I want to start making some original rock n’ roll songs very soon. I’m just trying to get all the sounds needed for it. I have a wah wah, Fuzz pedal, Distortion, Overdrive, Delay and Chorus. There are still a few more sounds I need to get like a Flanger, Tremolo and maybe a Compressor pedal.

In order to play rock n’ roll, I’ll need to get pedals so I can have kick ass sounds for both rhythm and leads. I’ve always wanted a Fuzz pedal for a long time and finally got one just not too long ago. I went to Saratoga Guitar shop and bought it myself.

The kind of rock n’ roll music I want to make is jam rock music. I want to make long improvised jams in my original music and that’s the goal that I want to achieve. I want to make hard rock music and play face melting guitar solos too. When it comes to playing guitar solos, I’m going to improvise everything ’cause I don’t like solos that are written out.

When it comes to collecting guitar pedals, I want to collect as many pedals as I can. Just get whatever sounds that sounds very cool… however, I’m just going to get all the basic sounds first like wah wah, fuzz, distortion, delay, chorus, etc. I already have all that. Just need a flanger and tremolo.

When it comes to writing original rock music, I’ll try to write songs that rocks but I’m also going to be writing mellow songs and ballads too. I’ve always liked to write slow ballads and I’ve written plenty of those. Gotta mix it up, ya know? I’ll never stop writing on the acoustic,  though. I’ll still write acoustic songs too.

If I ever did my first album which I still want to, I’ll probably try to get a band together ’cause I’ll want it to be a full band album. If I did get a band together, it would probably be for recording projects only… I don’t think we’ll play live shows or anything. I’ve always wanted to make a full band rock album and I’ll make it happen somehow.


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