Sly Stallone says Rambo 5 starts filming right away tonight… he just posted a pic while on set…

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Tonight we start filming…!

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At the end of the 4th Rambo film which was released in the year 2008, Rambo was seen walking in the streets in the state of Arizona and the film ends with Rambo looking at a mailbox in front of a farmhouse that says, R. Rambo. So is the next Rambo going to be a continuation of the fourth one? That’s what it’s looking like. Rambo’s father lives on a farm and here you see Sly getting prepared for filming of the next Rambo film.

Looks like Sly is giving Rambo a new look. Looks like Rambo is gonna have a haircut in the next one and it looks like he turned into a farmer and living on his father’s farm. That’s how the next Rambo is gonna start. After a nasty battle in Burma, Rambo becomes a farmer.

So Rambo becomes a cowboy and horseback rider? That’s what it’s looking like to me. Rambo thought he was done fighting the bad guys for good and so he becomes a farmer for some peace for himself then someone tries to talk him into going on another mission… find someone’s missing daughter. In the next Rambo film, I’m sure Rambo’s going to refuse to do that mission at first but then he realizes he has no choice. Rambo goes to the Mexican border to hunt down all the sex traffickers and try to rescue her.

Oh man, I really hope this film is gonna be very violent. I’m sure the big knife will come back, I’m sure Rambo will be shooting huge machine guns again and possibly flying helicopters again. We WILL get the badass Rambo like he was in the first four films, trust me. They won’t disappoint us. I’m sure they’ll make it a great action film. I really did like Rambo 4 a lot and hoping this will be even better. I’m sure it will be. Sly knows how to make a great action movie for sure.


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