Do gym go’ers really care about gym etiquette? I would say no… bad gym etiquette is really becoming a problem…

I’ve been doing research on gym etiquette a lot lately. The reason I do research reading about this stuff on the internet and watching youtube videos about this stuff is that I want to be able to help make the gym a better place when I workout there. When you work out at the gym, you have to realize that it’s not really a place to make yourself at home. Meaning, you’re at a public place where a lot of people use the gym so you need to be responsible about gym etiquette for yourself and others.

This article here is probably most well-written article on gym etiquette there is.

Check it out:

Like the article says not only gym newbies have a big problem with bad gym etiquette even the most experienced lifters have a problem too. They all have a problem really.

At the gym I go to, bad gym etiquette is a real problem there. It’s getting worse. Sadly, lifters break all those rules that were written in this article.

People don’t care to put weights back to where they belong when they’re done, happens all the time and I’m sure you’ve seen it too. There are people who stand so close to the dumbbell rack when lifting dumbbells (when I do dumbbell stuff, I go farther back away from the dumbbell rack like a gentleman). People are always blocking others mirror views (I get that all the time when I’m trying to watch my form). Stupid idiots dropping heavy dumbbells on the floor is still a problem. I also see stupid idiots doing barbell curls in the squat rack. Too many idiots curl in the squat rack and it’s so dumb. Also so many guys in the gym get so rough with the equipment when lifting (like when guys are done lifting a bench set, they’ll slam the weights on the rack when they rack it and crap like that).

More problems that happen in the gym… people using cell phones during their workouts, chatting with their friends between their sets for a long time, equipment hogging, dumbbell hoarding, etc. It can go on and on. You get the deal.

Now I can see why some people prefer to workout at home with their home gym ’cause people at public gyms suck ass, they really do. LMAO….

You see, this is why I tend to workout at a public gym early in the morning or real late in the afternoon ’cause those are the hours when the public gym are usually slow. The busy hours at public gyms are usually around noon or in the evening. I hate working out in busy as hell gyms like when they’re packed with people and stuff ’cause the equipment I need to use are always being used.

I’m always respectful to the public gym… at least I try to be. Admittedly, I’m guilty of bad gym etiquette sometimes myself but I’m always responsible and respectful. I put weights back when I’m done, I always wipe down equipment when I’m done, I try not to take so long on a piece of equipment and things like that.

Bad gym etiquette is a big problem at all gyms. Make no mistake about it!


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