I maybe able to deadlift heavy but I can’t bench and squat heavy yet… weird how that is…

I can deadlift 210 lbs, I can bench 100 lbs. and I can squat about 90-100 lbs. all for one rep. For deadlifting, if I want to lift for 4 sets and 12 reps, I’ve got to lower the weights some. Same for the other two workouts. I would like to bench 90 lbs. for 4 sets and 12 reps but I’m not there yet — I’ve got long ways to go so for now I can bench 50 lbs. for 4 sets and 12 reps.

I find it weird that I can deadlift heavier than I can bench and squat. Probably ’cause my lower body is much stronger than the upper body. After noticing this, I’m going to have to build more strength on the upper body and I’m working on that.

To build more strength on your workouts, you just gotta keep at it. Don’t give up and you’ll get stronger. For example, my dumbbell curl work… I’m noticing that 25  and 30 lbs. dumbbells feel really light for me now and now I’m lifting 35 lb. dumbbells for 4 sets and 12 reps so I’m getting strength in the arms. Getting strength is kind of a slow process so you got to take your time. I do want to become a heavy bencher and heavy squatter but I’m not gonna rush. Just continue to lift weights that I’m comfortable with and I’ll get stronger that way.

This is why I can’t slack off from the gym and can’t take breaks. I’ve got to keep my 4 day a week routine going even throughout the fall/winter. I kept it going throughout the Spring and Summer this year and it has been going real good. I’m going to keep 4 day a week routine going all year round. I’ll try to take a week break like once or twice a year and that’s it ’cause you need a break from the gym once in a blue moon, just don’t over do it. If I want to get big and if I want to get real strong, I gotta keep going to the gym 4 days a week.

I’ve decided I’m going to do barbell stuff for benching, deadlifts and squats. Everything else will be all dumbbells and a few machines.

To get myself stronger, I just keep lifting, lifting and lifting. That’s all I gotta do. The more you lift, the stronger you’ll get. I’ve noticed that doing dumbbell curls. To get good at benching takes a lot of arm strength too. I’m enjoying benching more and more but I have a problem trying to like squats, though. Maybe I’m not used to barbell squats ’cause I’ve never ever done barbell squats in the squat rack before until now. It just gotta grow on me somehow. Just gotta get the form right and I will once I do squats for leg day on Friday. I’ll just practice doing barbell squats for lighter weights for now and then maybe I’ll enjoy it more. I’m glad I got into barbell workouts more, though.

That’s another reason why I got into powerlifting training too to give me more strength in benching and squats. To lift stronger, you gotta watch your form and take your form seriously which a lot of lifters don’t do which is sad. I’ll have another rant about that in another blog post.



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