Good form in weightlifting is everything… wanna build big muscle quicker and get stronger? Feeling full contraction is key!!!

In the past, I used to never take form seriously when it comes to weight-lifting admittedly. When I first started weightlifting, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Admittedly, I was sacrificing good form just to get into lifting heavy right away which is the last thing you want to do. Good form is vital if you want to hit the muscle in the right places and so you won’t get injured.

It’s amazing how many guys in the gym I see lifting with bad form. I don’t say anything ’cause it’s rude and “bad” gym etiquette just to go up to someone to tell them “you’re doing this wrong, you do it this way”.

Just a few days ago, I was watching a guy doing heavy bench pressing and he was doing it the worst form ever. He was moving the bar up and down very little, not using full range of motion. While he was moving the bar up and down very little, his butt was going up off the bench which is bad. When benching, the butt needs to be on the bench at all times. If the butt lifts off the bench when lifting, you’re using too much weight. I think this guy knew that, it’s just that his ego was so huge and was trying to be a show off that he could lift heavy.

I see too many half reppers and I see too many guys doing stuff in horrible form as if they look like they were about to hurt themselves.

There are too many gym rats that are in such a rush to lift heavy when you don’t need to be. What’s wrong with lifting weights that makes you comfortable? Lifting weights that makes you feel comfortable would be more easier and you can feel a full contraction that way. Nothing wrong with lifting heavy but if you can do it in good form by all means, go for it. So many men in all ages workout in terrible form ’cause a lot of them are misinformed about bodybuilding.

I’m just starting to learn that if you want to build big muscle quicker, feeling the full contraction is key. Feel the full contraction on every rep and every set. Do every rep and every set in perfectly good form. If you can’t do a workout in good form then don’t be afraid to lower the weights ’cause it’s okay. I’m starting to do that more… lowering the weights so I can do better form.

A lot lately, I’m trying to take good form in all my workouts more seriously. I take every aspect of form very seriously even the things that are very small. It’s the best thing to do if you want to hit the muscle in the right places and get a full contraction.

Also, I see a lot of guys in the gym do their reps very quickly… for example, I see guys doing lat pull downs very fast, same with seated cable rows and cable crossovers. In my opinion, I think that’s bad. I like to do my reps in slow movements ’cause you hit the muscle harder that way.

So many people in the gym will NEVER admit they do things in bad form ’cause their ego is so big and they’re a bit of a narcissist. It’s okay to admit that you do things in bad form. I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m still trying to get the form right on barbell squats and dumbbell shoulder presses.

Leave your ego at the door and stay humble. There are a lot of egos and arrogant jerks that go to the gym… that’s why you see a lot of men screaming, grunting and dropping heavy dumbbells to the floor when they don’t need to do all that. They’re just a bunch of attention whores.

I’m glad I’ve been filming myself working out at the gym ’cause that’s a great way to see if you’re doing things right and you can correct your form that way. It really works.


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