I really need to be more outgoing with people and I’m working on it…

Over the years of my life, I’ve always been a shy and quiet person. Now I feel it’s finally time to put an end to that into hoping becoming a more outgoing person. I used to be this type of person who don’t like to talk to people admittedly — I’ll confess to that. I was one of those who wouldn’t talk to complete strangers and was only talkative to people I know. Well I need to start working on being more talkative and be more approachable with everybody and I’m working on that.

A lot lately, I’ve been using the gym as an excuse to practice my social skills with people more and it’s working really. I know the gym isn’t really the place to socialize but you don’t want to socialize with people during workouts. Usually before or after is a good time to socialize with people. It’s okay to talk to people while resting in between their sets as long as it’s not too long.

I’ve been going to the Battenkill Y gym for several years now and because of it, I’m starting to know some people that go there. Knowing their names and all. I gotta realize that people out there aren’t that bad and people won’t bite at all. A lot of people out there in this world are really nice. Yeah, sometimes you will run into assholes and rude shitheads but you just ignore them and move on.

Yeah, I’m working on my confidence and working on my conversation skills. Thing is, I’m not much of a talker. When I do talk, I don’t talk very long but I need to learn how to hold a long conversation and I’m working on that too. Trying to anyways. Working on my speaking skills, grammar and vocabulary too. It’s all about self-improvement, ya know?

Talking to complete strangers is not that hard. To start a conversation with someone, all you gotta do is say, “Hi, how are you” and that’s it. People like that when you say that to them and that’s how you start conversations that way.

I would like to make new friends and even start dating women. In order to be good with that, you gotta be good with starting conversations with people and I’m working on that and practicing. It’s time to transform myself. I hate being an introvert and it’s time to grow up.


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