Bought some more albums from Itunes yesterday…

I listened to two of these albums while I was at the gym earlier today. I listened to John Coltrane “My Favorite Things” and Joe Bonamassa “Redemption”. Both really good!

Like the instagram says,  I’m really getting into John Coltrane music. I’m really loving jazz music more and more as I get older. I’ll never lose interest in rock n’ roll and metal ’cause those two genres will always be my no. 1 but you gotta listen to a variety of music. I’ve always liked to listen to a wide variety of music. You name it: rock, metal, blues, jazz, some country and I even to listen to some R&B, pop/dance and some rap/hip hop. As for classical music and opera I don’t listen to hardly at all when I should.

When I want to relax,  I listen to jazz and blues music which is what I prefer.  I’ve always listened to the blues my whole life but trying to get into jazz a lot more which I am. As I get older in life, admittedly my taste in music is changing a bit.

As for the new Greta Van Fleet album, like the instagram says I got it on pre-order since it’s not out yet but once it’s out,  it’ll start downloading. Can’t wait to get that album ’cause I’m a huge fan of Greta Van Fleet. I’m not too crazy about today’s rock music industry but Greta Van Fleet is the best thing going.


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