My latest deadlift personal record is 210 lbs…

This is me deadlifting a big 210 lbs. again. This is the heaviest I can dead-lift as this is my personal record so far. I’m hoping to be able to deadlift 220 lbs. sometime before the next Powerlifting meet but it’s gonna take me a while to get there. This is my third time lifting 210 lbs. for one rep but if I keep doing it, I’ll soon be able to deadlift 215 like maybe in a month or two.

Still though, 210 lbs. is really good and I’m pretty proud of myself for sure. I never thought I would be able to dead-lift over 200 lbs. but I guess I can. Here’s the video to prove it. This didn’t hurt me at all and it was real easy too.

I can’t bench and squat heavy yet but working on those too.

Over the years of my life, people called me weak and thought I couldn’t lift heavy things. Well, how do you like me now?



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