“When you see something in another person you don’t like, it’s because you don’t like it about yourself”

This is pretty awesome and I agree with it all too.

In this day and age, we now live in a world where if you don’t like someone then you’ll have no problem to be honest about that person you don’t like. You like to explain your reasons why you don’t like this person. You say things like: “I don’t like him ’cause he’s a jerk and don’t like his short temper”, “I don’t like his attention whoring and trolling on the internet”, “I don’t like him ’cause he’s arrogant and full of himself”, etc. Blah blah blah… whatever your feelings are about that person then you don’t like it about yourself. Like this meme says, if you spot it you got it. For example,  if you think this person you don’t like is a jerk then you’re probably a jerk too. If you don’t like this person ’cause he/she is arrogant, cocky and full of themselves then you’re the same. If you think this person is a trouble maker then you’re probably a trouble maker too. If you think person has an attitude problem then you have an attitude problem too.

I’ve been badly judged by a lot of people over the years and people have said I was all these things. People who said I was all these things, usually are the same thing. I was called a jerk and an internet troll many times and it’s usually by people who have the same problems.

You see, if you call someone a “jerk” then you are probably a jerk to other people. You hate that about yourself and that’s why you go around calling out people you don’t like. You take it out on others.

I’ve always said that if people treat you badly then they have all sorts of problems themselves.

I’m guilty of judging others a little bit but I try not to. Judging other people is a waste of time.



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