Video: How Do I Choose The Right Weight…

I think this is a pretty important video that all weight-lifters and gym rats must watch. I see too many lifters in the gym never lifting weights that feels right for them… that’s why you see so many in the gym working out in horrible form. They always lift so heavy aka ego-lifting… lifting weights they can’t handle.

This guy here gives advice that if you do reps in good form at first and when you get out of your good form, that’s how you can tell that it’s not the right weight you need to lower it a bit. If you work out in bad form then it’s probably too heavy for you.

Most gym-rats and lifters don’t ever want to listen to this advice ’cause everybody wants to lift heavy. There’s nothing wrong with lowering the weights that makes you feel comfortable ’cause I’m starting to do that with all my workouts. I just figured out why my form is bad on some stuff ’cause admittedly, I’m guilty of ego-lifting too but no more of it. Yeah, I’m definitely guilty of ego-lifting but we all are.

I need to work out in good form in all my workouts so I can get a full contraction and hit the right target. You’re not going to get a full contraction by lifting weights you can’t lift in bad form.

I see so many working out in horrible form, it’s crazy. I made a vow a long time ago that I will workout in good form in everything I do.

Good form is important ’cause it’s part of safety and injury prevention. If you lift heavy and in bad form, you’re going to get injured. You could get some nasty strains, pulls, tears and all that stuff. It’s going to hurt bad and depending on how serious the injury is, it could take you out of bodybuilding for a pretty long time.

Admittedly, I’ve had a few injuries in the past before but they weren’t that bad. I’ve gotten some strains here and there but nothing that will get surgery on. If you wanna know why so many lifters in the gym get injured so much it’s ’cause of all the ego-lifting they do. It’s hilarious to me that so many guys that workout in the gym, always lifting heavy and they don’t think an injury will happen.

Lift responsibly and safely which a lot of people never do. It’s okay to lower the weights some if you feel it’s too heavy. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Leaving your ego at the door is the best thing you could do.

That’s a great video that I think should get a lot of views.



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