So glad I’ve gotten into barbell bench press full time…I’ve noticed more chest development ’cause of it!

It’s been a few months since I’ve decided to get into bench pressing at the gym full time and I’m glad I did. I’ve been noticing more chest development lately because of it. When you see all those so called “experts” claiming benching doesn’t give you chest development… don’t listen to them ’cause they’re full of it. Bench appears to be working for me ’cause I feel my chest getting slightly bigger each time I do it. My chest muscles are feeling sore the day after I do bench so I must be doing something right. When I take my shirt off, I’m noticing that I’m finally starting to look like a bodybuilder a little bit.

I used to never like benching in the past but it really grew on me and I’m loving it now, I think. They don’t call it the king of all workouts for no reason ’cause it really is. They call it that ’cause it’s the best chest developer. You want monster pecs like Arnold had during his Olympia years, the bench press will do that for you.

Yeah, yeah, people always speculate that to get big pecs: “steroids”, “steroids”, “steroids”. *yawn*… I’m tired of so called experts always assuming that steroids gave them that big physique. We live in an age now where every successful bodybuilder gets accused of “steroids” and it’s unfair, in my opinion. You can’t always speculate that. That’s all it is speculation. They’re quick to judge that it’s “steroids” without any proof to back it up. Truthfully, when successful bodybuilders get accused of “steroids”, the person that accused them that is just jealous, in my opinion. They just want the physique that he has so they scream “steroids” ’cause they aren’t happy with their own physique.

I believe it’s definitely possible that you can look like a young Arnold, Lou Ferrigno, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Phil Heath and many others naturally.

I’ve got a built physique some and I never juiced up at all. I’ve got a built physique quicker just by training hard with intensity, strict eating and lots of resting. If you do all three, you’ll look like Arnold in no time. To me I don’t think it’s a slow process to get a jacked body, it’s just a myth going on out there. It’s definitely possible to get a jacked physique quickly.

I’m going to keep benching for the rest of my life, I think. Definitely will. I’m not a heavy bencher yet but would like to be. I’m not gonna rush. Just gonna take my time. The more I lift on bench, the stronger I’ll get so I just gotta keep lifting and lifting. I am noticing I’m getting slightly stronger on the bench already so I’m at a good start.

Benching is awesome. Don’t listen to those who are critical of the bench press.


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