Powerlifting meet – Round #2 – this time it’s going to be at the YMCA Wilton Branch, I’m definitely going!

Yeah, there is a new powerlifting meet happening but it’s going to be at the Wilton YMCA Branch. It’s awesome there is a powerlifting competition near me which is only 20 minutes away. I’m definitely going.


When I say I’m going to be a powerlifter, I mean it and this is serious. This is real.

I did my first powerlifting meet at Albany Strength earlier this year on Aug. 31st and now there’s one in the town of Wilton this coming Saturday. I’m getting myself prepared for it.

For my personal record on dead lift is now 215 lbs. My personal record for bench is 110 lbs which I just hit at the gym today. For squats my personal record on that is just 70 lbs… but gonna try 80 this week.

Ya know, it’s weird that I’m able to deadlift heavy but I’m not yet a super heavy bencher and squatter. I’m working on it, though. I notice I get slightly stronger each time I do those three workouts each week.

I can’t yet bench and squat over 200 lbs. but I definitely would like to get there but taking my slow time.

I’m definitely looking forward to going to that Powerlifting meet on Saturday. It’s gonna be a blast. It’s all for a good cause too… donating money for a charity which is awesome. I’m looking forward to watching other people lift ’cause that’s gonna be a blast and I’ll try to help cheer on everyone else too.

When you go to powerlifting meets, you can’t be an arrogant prick and egomaniac. You gotta stay humble and be friendly with everybody. It’s not just about you, these meets are about helping everyone else too. This isn’t WWE or UFC. Powerlifting may be a competing sport but you can’t act like you’re better than everyone else.

Can’t wait for this Saturday and yeah, of course, I’ll film my lifts at the meet for all to see and there will be pics too.


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