Just got my powerlifting singlet in the mail today… yeah, this is serious…

In most powerlifting meets requires you to wear a singlet with a plain t-shirt under it. A lot of powerlifting federations out there are different. At the Albany Stregnth powerlifting meet, you have to wear a singlet and plain t-shirt but at the powerlifting meet at Wilton Branch YMCA this Saturday? I believe you can wear what you want at the Wilton Branch YMCA powerlifting meet either regular gym clothes or a singlet but I’m going to be wearing a singlet at this meet.

I got this singlet off the Maxbarbell company: https://www.maxbarbell.com/

I was trying to find an affordable singlet so I found this one that I’m wearing in the pic now. It was originally priced at $50 but it was on sale for $30. I got it ’cause I liked the color and wanted to look cool at the meets. This singlet fits me perfectly and it feels comfortable too.

Sometime in the future I’m going to buy weightlifting shoes. I’m going to have to find weightlifting shoes that will go with the color of the singlet.  In other words,  I’ll have to find weightlifting shoes that are colored black and red. I found a pair on that site but it’s $104.99. I’m still gonna buy them sometime in the future, though. I really need weightlifting shoes ’cause I shouldn’t be wearing running shoes when deadlifting and squatting.

This means I’m really going to become a full time powerlifter and taking it seriously. I’m really into it and feel good about it.


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