Songwriting… trying to write new songs and original music…

Ya know. I keep thinking about going back to my older songs and bring them back to life by trying to make them better and do re-writes. I was thinking of doing a greatest hits kind of thing to celebrate my past in original music. I wrote some older songs that actually grew a following with original songs I wrote called: “Evil Fred”, “Mr. Tough Guy”, “Time Bomb” and others. I’ve written older acoustic songs that people actually liked.

I think I’ve made my final decision that I don’t think I should go back to my older songs ’cause I really want to write a whole bunch of new ones. I want to see if I’m still able to write new songs instead of focusing on my past. I want to move forward in songwriting, not backwards. I know some people like my older songs that I’ve written but I want to re-invent myself in songwriting.

I’ll still write acoustic music, yes. I predict that 2019 will be the year I’ll start writing original music again ’cause I want to write a bunch of new stuff to put out there. Move forward and not think about the past. I feel that my singing and guitar playing has gotten way better so I think you’ll hear an improvement when I do start songwriting again.

I want to make my upcoming songs different than the way I did them in the past, though. I want my songs to be more musical and melodic. I want to focus on melody more than anything. I’m going to write lyrics more differently too. I want the lyrics to be more poetic instead of being the storyteller type. The thing is I want my songs to mature and evolve. That’s what it’s all about. Get better and better.

I’m also thinking of ditching the Kev Brock staged name and switch it to Kevin Brock instead ’cause I like that more.

I’ll release a whole new batch of new songs soon. I’ve been messing with some stuff.


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