Busting powerlifting myths I hear out there…

So far, I have done only two powerlifting meets and both of them were great!!! As I keep doing research on powerlifting competitions, there are going to be some who will criticize the sport and make all kinds of misconceptions about it. I’m going to name those misconceptions people have been saying about the sport and I’m going to debunk ’em too…

Here we go:

  • Only fat asses do powerlifting: I’m sure you hear this one a lot. Yeah, a lot of out of shape people do powerlifting, no doubt but not all of them. When I went to those two powerlifting meets, I’ve seen people of all different types and different sizes. I’ve seen skinny people to really muscular people. Yeah, there are plenty of guys and girls who are in fantastic shape that do powerlifting. A lot of people want to believe that only fat asses do powerlifting but don’t believe them ’cause they’re full of shit.
  • Lifting heavy weights all the time won’t build you muscle: Another one that’s bullshit. I’ve been lifting heavy weights all the time now and I’ve gotten some impressive gains ’cause of it. Lifting heavy weights for powerlifting is no different than lifting heavyweights for bodybuilding. Powerlifting will definitely get you bigger and stronger quicker. I got into powerlifting hoping to get stronger and get more gains.
  • Powerlifting is dangerous and will give you many injuries: Powerlifting may seem pretty scary at first but once you try it, you’ll find that it’s actually very easy and safe. Yes you can get injuries in powerlifting just like you can get injured in regular bodybuilding in the gym. Bodybuilding in the gym can be just as dangerous only if you do bad form and bad technique. In powerlifting, it’s the same thing. Lift weights in good form and learn good technique you’ll never get injured at all. Powerlifting meets are actually very safe ’cause there are professional spotters all over the place and if they see you get in trouble with a lift, they’ll get you out of it immediately so you won’t get hurt.
  • Powerlifting is a guy’s sport: Not really. Where did this one come from? When I experienced two powerlifting meets, there were all kinds of women doing them. Powerlifting is very popular with women. There’s a lot of women out there that love to lift really heavy weights just like the men do. It’s crazy.
  • I’m not strong enough to do powerlifting: You’ll hear this a lot with the powerlifting newbies anyway. Them thinking they don’t have what it takes to do powerlifting ’cause they believe they’re not strong enough. You never know unless you go to the meet and give it a try. You’ll surprise yourself once you do it. When I did my first meet, I didn’t think I would be able to do it but it ended up being easy and I can lift kind of heavy with no problem. Just gotta give it a shot. On my first powerlifting meet at Albany Strength, I went a little easy but from this point forward, I’m going to go all in each time I do a meet.
  • I’ll be picked on and judged for not lifting heavy: No you won’t. At these powerlifting competitions there is no judgemental people at all… well except for the judges but that’s it. You won’t get any judgement from the spectators or other competitors at all. There’s no ego in these things. There’s nothing but respect with each other and everyone will be friendly so don’t worry. If you can only do a 70 lb. lift then go ahead, go for it. It’s all about having fun and challenging yourself. There’s nothing wrong with lifting weights that you can handle.
  • You can get away with eating whatever you want to move up a weight class: Not really. In powerlifting, you got to continue to stick with the healthy nutrition in order to get stronger. Continue to stick with your nutrition plan as you do with bodybuilding. Keep eating your high proteins, low carb meals. Keep eating your complex carbs, healthy fats and drinking plenty of water. All that stuff. I continue to eat healthy even doing powerlifting. Good nutrition is key to getting more strength too. I do want to get big in powerlifting and move up a weight class but I want to do it without getting fat.
  • You won’t fit in: Before you go to these powerlifting meets, you’ll probably get a little worried about what kind of people will be at these things but don’t worry about it. Pretty much everyone at these powerlifting meets will be very down to earth and friendly. There’s no ego at these things at all. You won’t see any arrogant jackasses thinking they’re better than you. We’re all into this together. We want to help each other out and help motivate the competitors to be the best they can be. You’ll be surprised of how nice people are at these things. When you go to a powerlifting meet, don’t be afraid to walk up to a competitor and just say “Hi” or tell them “Good luck”, you’ll be talking with him/her in no time. You’ll even make new friends at these events too. Everybody will want you to be your best. So don’t be afraid to ask for lifting advice either.

This is about all I can think of. Enjoy the read!


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