Watch me deadlift 280 lbs…, my p.r.’s are rapidly going up!

At the last powerlifting meet I did, I was able to deadlift 265 easily. It was a piece of cake! That means I could probably do 270 and 275 easily as well. I was thinking about doing 270 or 275 but then I thought to myself, “Why don’t I try to challenge myself and attempt a big 280 lbs?”. Well, I did exactly that and the lift was successful. So 280 lbs. is my latest personal record on the deadlift. I’m quickly on my way up to the big 300!!!

My goal before the next powerlifting meet at Albany Strength (which won’t be for a while) is to be able to deadlift over 300, be able to bench over 200 and squat over 200. I’m working my way up to my goals, just taking my time and not rushing.

Getting into powerlifting is so strange to me but I’m loving it, though! I was never meant to become a powerlifting or competitor of any kind. I just wanted to build muscle and become the best shape of my life. How did I get into powerlifting? Well, I have friends that are into powerlifting and they do powerlifting meets all the time. They talked me into going to one and entering one… I couldn’t say “no” so I gave powerlifting my first try. Powerlifting is an awesome sport. I’m going to stick with it for a long time, I think. You can only live once, ya know? I just want to do something big in my life and be able to do an athletic sport on a pro level.


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