In weightlifting, you’ll continue to get doubters, worriers and criticizers… just ignore them and just do your thing…

It’s interesting how people react when you get into weightlifting whether in bodybuilding or powerlifting or whatever. When you get into weightlifting full time,  you’ll get a lot of people doubting you. You’ll also get a lot of people worrying about you and get a lot of people criticizing you. Another thing, when you’re a full time weightlifter… you’ll also get all kinds of people who don’t even lift giving you unsolicited advice about weightlifting. Crazy how all this is but you’re going to get all this.

When it comes to people doubting me, I’ve been told I’ll never reach my dreams by getting fit and muscular which I am, thank you. I seem to be doing okay. When it comes to people worrying about me, I’ve been told I shouldn’t do too much and have been told that I shouldn’t be lifting heavy weights or I’ll hurt myself, blah blah blah blah. When it comes to people criticizing me, I’ve had people criticizing my form, criticizing the way I eat clean most of the time and I can go on and on.

You’ll get all kinds of weird people coming after ya in the fitness and bodybuilding world for sure. The trick is you just got to ignore everyone’s bullshit and continue to do your thing. That’s the best you can do, ya know? A lot of people want to doubt you, worry about you and criticize you, but you want to prove everyone wrong that you can do this. That’s what it’s all about, in my opinion. Proving everyone wrong.

I get all kinds of unsolicited advice from people who don’t even workout or lift weights which to me is kind of funny. You’ll get all that too.

Once again, just ignore everyone and do your thing. That’s what I do and it’s a healthy attitude to have. Do things your way and your way only. It’s okay to take fitness advice from experience lifters sometimes but even some of them don’t give you good advice. I’ve been doing bodybuilding and weightlifting for 10 – 15 years, somewhere around that and I’m doing real good. I get a lot of people telling me I shouldn’t lift heavy but I do anyways. I can understand that people get worried and scared a little bit ’cause of my scoliosis and all but I’m fine and all good. I haven’t gotten any serious injuries and haven’t gotten put in the hospital yet.

I’m doing pretty well in weightlifting and I’m in great shape. I’ve been lifting for a long time now and I continue to get doubters, worriers and critics even to this day. Crazy, I tell ya. It’s interesting how society treat bodybuilding nowadays. I’m going to keep doing what I do no matter what anyone says. I love weightlifting and hitting the gym. I’ve been going to the gym 4 days a week on a full time basis for a long while now and it’s going really good. Stuck with the 4 day a week routine throughout the Spring/Summer… and now I’ve been sticking with it throughout the Fall too. I’m going to stick with the 4 day a week routine throughout the Winter too. I workout all year round.

I do take a week off of bodybuilding and weightlifting once in a blue moon, though. It’s okay to take a week break just don’t over do it. Taking a week break from weightlifting like a couple of times a year would be alright. I’ll probably take a week break from weightlifting on Christmas week in December like I do every year.

When you get into fitness and weightlifting, you’ll get a lot of people saying stuff about you. Once again, just ignore their shit and just do your thing. I truly believe that the reason gym goers get a lot of doubters, worriers and critics is ’cause people will get jealous of them. I can’t see no other reason really ’cause people will get jealous of you. Why would people get jealous of you? It’s because they don’t do much with themselves and they know you’re doing well with your weightlifting goals… that’s why they doubt you and criticize you. They do it in a jealous rage really. They want to be doing what you’re doing and if you got a great bodybuilding physique, be ready for jealous people to come after ya.

Keep doing your thing, don’t listen to people and keep reaching your dreams & goals. Prove everyone wrong that you can do this. The bodybuilding and fitness world is gonna be crazy, no doubt but you have to ignore everyone and don’t give up no matter what people say ’cause that’s what they want you to do. They don’t want you to be successful in weightlifting ’cause they don’t like how they aren’t in great shape.

I love weightlifting. It’s a second passion of mine and I’ll never give it up. I’ll never give up weightlifting until I can’t physically do it anymore, I don’t care how old I get.


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