To those that believe powerlifters are all fat or powerlifting will make you fat… watch this video…

There’s a huge myth going on out there that powerlifters are nothing but fat asses or powerlifting will make you fat. If you really believe that claim then tell that to guys like Ed Coan, Dan Green and Mark Bell. Those three guys I just named are the greatest powerlifters of all time. If you look at their bodies, you’ll see they have really jacked physiques. A lot of male powerlifters out there have more impressive physiques than bodybuilders.

There are many that seems to want to put down the powerlifting industry and try to make the sport look bad and I don’t know why. When I went to two powerlifting meets myself, I’ve seen some guys with monster physiques. They maybe big but they aren’t fat. It’s just that doing a lot of heavy lifting over the years will put on some gains.

This is a huge part of why I got into powerlifting hoping to get a huge muscular physique. That’s what I want… get a really huge body, gain weight without getting fat.

I do want to become a full time powerlifter and become more seasoned. I hope to become one of the greats someday and maybe get lucky enough to get recognized for it. I’ve done two powerlifting meets so far and I won some respect at both of them so I feel I’m already am doing pretty good.

I don’t like how some out there wants to have negative feelings about powerlifting. I think it’s a great sport and it’s an amazing experience to get into. I think it’s amazing to find out what your personal records are for bench, squat and deadlift and to find out the heaviest number you can lift. It’s fun and exciting to find out how strong you actually are when you haven’t realized it after all these years. It’s fun to get stronger and stronger and impress your friends & families. It’s fun to win respect with people with your lifting.

Powerlifting is a great thing to get into and I’m glad I finally got into it. I wish I got into powerlifting a long time ago.


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