Will I ever do my first bodybuilding show? Like in competition… I don’t know… we’ll see…

Now that I’m starting to do powerlifting competition meets, some of  you may ask will I do my first bodybuilding show? Ya know, those bodybuilding shows where you stand on stage, wearing nothing but trunks and posing for the judges like what you see in Arnold’s “Pumping Iron” movie?

I don’t know. Maybe, we’ll see how it goes. I used to be against doing bodybuilding shows but I’m actually kind of considering it a little bit. I just can’t see myself as a 40 year old man posing half naked on a stage in front of people but I read that age doesn’t matter. I was a little worried that they won’t accept a guy with scoliosis, a guy with a curvature in spine and a Harrington rod but I read a body condition like that isn’t against the rules so I guess I can still do a bodybuilding show if I wanted to.

As long as you have the body for a bodybuilding show, it shouldn’t matter how old you are or what your body condition is. Maybe people would find a guy with scoliosis doing a bodybuilding show be inspiring and powerful? Who knows.

If I were to do a bodybuilding show, I would need to make my nutrition really strict ’cause I would need to make my body fat a lot lower. My body fat is already pretty low but can be lower. I would also need to improve my pecs ’cause my pecs still need some development and I’m working on that.

I don’t know if I’ll do a bodybuilding show but never say never. If I get enough people telling me that I’m good enough to do one then maybe, who knows. I don’t think you’ll ever see me on a Mr. Olympia stage but maybe someday I could do one of the smaller and local bodybuilding shows ’cause there are plenty of those around.

If I don’t do a bodybuilding show at all, I’ll just stick with powerlifting.

I got into weightlifting ’cause I want to be in great shape… become the best shape of my life. I never really got into it to get on a bodybuilding stage or do powerlifting meets but now I’m thinking maybe competition isn’t a bad thing after all.


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