Just started training my chest twice a week… 1st day of chest training will be for muscle development… 2nd day will be for strength…

So I’m thinking I’m going to start training my chest twice a week. 1st day of chest training will be for muscle development and the 2nd chest day will be for strength training. I’ve been doing a lot of reading online of how I could develop my chest pecs even more. I’ve discovered that through a lot of bodybuilding sites that you can get a lot of benefits training chest twice a week. If you want to define your chest even more and quicker, that’s what you gotta do.

Some of you may ask… that’s over training. Not really as long as you leave three or 4 days in between the 2 chest day workouts so you can give your chest plenty of resting in between, you’ll be okay doing chest 2 times a week. I’ve read that training chest 2 times a week is a pretty popular technique and it works.

I really want to be doing bench pressing just for strictly strength training and that’s it. I don’t want to just strength training for chest, I want to build muscle too so on chest day which is usually the beginning of the week I’ll do stuff like incline bench, dumbbell flies and cable crossovers. For overall chest development, I’ll do dumbbell presses on a flat bench. I’ll do barbell bench presses on the weekends which is what I started doing for the past couple of weeks. I figure I want to keep deadlifting and flat bench press separate from other workouts on weekends, I’ll start calling it a deadlift/bench press day which is my strength training day.

If I want to get those Arnold like pecs which is what I want, gotta do chest twice a week and lets see how that works.

In this video clip, Arnold says that the best way to develop giant pecs is that you should do flat bench press, incline bench and dumbbell flies. I have been doing all 3 each week and I have noticed my pecs get some slight development each week so it’s all working. I’ve also been doing a lot of cable crossovers for the lower chest each week.

So from this point on, I think I’m going to start training chest two times a week. Like I said, it’s not over training at all as long as you leave your chest some rest in between. Chest muscles I’ve read takes 48 – 72 hours to recover so you’re good on doing chest twice a week.

The 1st chest day, I’ll do my regular chest training: flat dumbbell press, barbell incline bench, dumbbell flies and cable crossovers.

The 2nd chest day which will be on the weekends: just barbell bench for strength training.

This is my new plan for my chest routine and I did change my workout program around a little bit. There’s a misconception out there that training chest twice a week is over training but it isn’t. You just have to be smart about it.

Everybody’s always commenting about how big my arms are, how ripped my back looks, how my abs show but my only issue is that I need to improve my pecs and I’m really working on it. I really want the monster size pecs… I want to at least try to improve them some so I can define them more. I want a well-rounded great physique and my pecs really need to be bigger too. That’s why I’ve been doing both the pushing and squeezing movements when doing chest exercises ’cause you must do both movements.

When I have my shirt off, I want to get stares by the ladies and have them checking me out. I want to look intimidating and scary to the guys. If I keep doing what I do with the chest, I’ll get there.

I’m happy with most of my physique right now but gotta have more chest development and they are slowly improving a little bit, I’m noticing. I can make my chest flex and make them bounce now. When you have that, you know you have pecs and not flab.

A lot of body parts on my physique gets a lot of compliments (especially my arms and shoulders) but people don’t say anything about my pecs. They will, though. Trust me.



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