You’ll gain more weight just by getting stronger and putting on muscle, not by eating more calories!

When I did my last powerlifting meet at the Wilton Branch Y, I weighed in at 145 lbs. After my back/chest day workout at the Battenkill Y in Greenwich, I stepped on the scale in the locker room and now I weighed in 146 lbs. I was pretty happy with that. Like the title says, you’ll gain more weight in bodybuilding and strength training just by getting stronger and putting on muscle mass. You don’t want to get too obsessed with bulking in nutrition… meaning boosting your calorie intake. Eating thousands of calories a day sounds dangerous to me so I won’t do it ’cause I’m worried it’s gonna make me fat and that’s what I don’t want.

So I’ll continue to eat the same way I do. Continue to eat my proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats throughout the day and every day. The more you lift, the stronger you’ll get and the more weight you put on. When bodybuilding, I want to get a full six pack and I’m just about there. Just got to shred away a little bit of lower body fat and then I’ll get there. If I want the six pack, it means that I should eat less calories and I plan on doing that. Avoid sugars and fatty foods more which means I’ll have to cut out ice cream, brownies and cakes a lot more which I plan to do for sure. I do a pretty good job avoiding bad food for the most part. I don’t eat processed foods anymore, I avoid bad fats and bad sugars. I avoid soda and I don’t eat fast food much anymore. My only downfall is ice cream and sometimes chocolate like brownies and cake…. gotta cut all that out of my nutrition. If I do that throughout the year of 2019, I’ll be able to get the full six pack in several months.

I’m still gonna have my cheat meals on the weekends only, though ’cause it’s good to have cheat meals.

When it comes to building muscle mass and putting on some gains, I just figured that all out really. You see so many guys in the gym doing half-repping and small partial reps… in my opinion, that’s bad. Doing half-repping and partial reps doesn’t do anything, in my opinion. When you want to get development in all of your body parts, full range of motion is very important. You want to feel the full contraction of the muscle… hit the muscle hard and squeeze it. That’s key to putting on some gains and I’ve been doing that trick a lot lately. That could be the reason why my chest has been improving as of late ’cause I’ve been using full range of motion and squeezing the muscle aka full contraction. That’s what you want.

All guys want to have that hot body that the ladies would drool over and I want that look too. It’s going to take a bit of time to get there. Goal for 2019 is to lower body fat percentage some more. Speaking of body fat percentage, I still need to see where it’s at now. I have a friend at the gym who is a personal trainer and maybe I’ll have her help me found out what it is for me. Sounds like a good idea.

I want to have a great bodybuilding physique and working really hard to get it. I’m doing it all naturally. No steroids, no supplements, no whey protein. Just good eating and hard training. That’s all it takes!


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