If you think training chest twice a week is over training, you train every body part more than once a week anyways… think about it right?

So I’ve started training my chest pecs at the gym twice a week now… 1 day of chest training for muscle development which I’ll do dumbbell on and the 2nd day will be for strength training/powerlifting on flat barbell bench. Some may think that is overdoing it and you won’t get chest development ’cause of it but I disagree.

People think that’s over training… well think about this… you’re training every body part of your body more than twice a week anyways.

You’re training legs, right? Any workout involving the legs, you’re training the legs. If you do squat, leg press (most people think leg press is a quad only workout but in reality, you’re training the whole legs on that thing including calves) and deadlift. All them workouts are leg workouts. Same thing when you train calves and hamstrings, you’re training the legs. So if you do more than one leg workout, you’re doing more for your legs when not even realizing it.

You think you’re training arms once a week but you’re not truthfully. Any workout that involves the arms, you’re training the arms. Shoulder presses (arm workout), bench press (arm workout), deadlift (arm workout), squats (arm workout), any kind of chest workouts (arm workout).

Also, doing all kinds of cardio and stretching… they also train all body parts more than once a week.

So yeah, before you judge someone training chest twice a week, you need to think about this one for a minute.

I think I’ll stick with training chest twice a week ’cause I’m already noticing and feeling some great developments. If I keep at this, I could have a much improved chest in a year or two. Maybe less. Doing flat barbell bench is making me lift stronger dumbbell press on bench so I’m already feeling great benefits.

I’m happy with most of my physique but the part that I feel that is lagging is my chest and I’m doing all I can to improve that so I can look like a real bodybuilder. I’m glad to start doing barbell bench press ’cause it’s helping me. Since I’ve discovered that getting a full contraction on the chest and squeezing the muscles on all chest workouts, I’ve noticed that trick has been helping me too. I’ll have a monster chest before you know it.





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