I’m gonna have to learn how to bodybuild pose to improve my progress photos…

When I post my shirtless progress pics for the whole world to see about my fitness adventures, I usually just stand in front of the camera shirtless and that’s it. I don’t do any bodybuilding poses for the camera but now I’m thinking I’m going to start so I can show more muscle definition and all. If I’m going to post more progress pics of my lifting, I figure it’s finally time for me to start learning how to bodybuild pose and I just started watching video tutorials on that. I’m just going to learn basic poses… just the easy stuff for now ’cause that’s all I really need.

I mean, if you’re going to lift weights and call yourself a “bodybuilder” then you need to learn some poses if you want to be called a “bodybuilder”, right? I don’t know if you’ll ever see me on a bodybuilding stage or not but I should really learn some poses and I’ve just started doing that this week.

I plan to practice bodybuilding posing ’cause soon I’d like to start making videos and taking pics of myself doing that.

This video tutorial in the video above is a perfect one for me to start off with. These ones are pretty easy. I want to start bodybuilding posing for the camera soon. I’m really feeling jacked lately and I want to show people what I got. I’ll have to do full body posing so that means I’ll have to wear nothing but boxers and I’m fine with that. I’m not afraid to get half naked in front of people anymore. I want to show people my leg work too.


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