How long is too long in the gym???

There’s a myth out there that when you workout in the gym that you just go in and go out real quick. Ya know, just do your workout for 45 minutes or an hour and then leave the gym. That is nothing but a misconception and that is pretty popular in the gym where you just “go in and go out”.

I used to spend like 45 – 1 hr. in the gym in the past but lately it’s been more than that

A lot lately, I’ve been going to the gym for 2 and a half hours on my gym days. Those two and a half hours I’ve been going to the gym are not just strictly weight training. As soon as I go into the gym, I’ll do my weight training which usually takes an hour or an hour and a half. Then it’s off to cardio, boxing and stretching.

Is that too much??? To me no but I’m considering going to the gym for 2 hours from now on. Since I have a jump rope and a yoga mat at home, I can do my cardio and stretching at home. I’m just realizing that. So starting tomorrow, I think my gym sessions would be for 2 hours.

It’s tough to do cardio during the Winter time and that’s why I do cardio at the gym during the Winter but now that I have a jump rope of my own… I can do my jump roping in the back porch. You’ll warm up in the cold once your heart rate starts going. I want to cut my gym time a little bit ’cause admittedly I spend a lot of time there on my gym days. I do boxing practice at the gym ’cause they have a speedbag and a heavy bag there. I don’t have a speedbag and heavy bag here at home so I use theirs at the gym. I love boxing and I’ve been practicing my boxing and that’s a great cardio workout too.

There’s nothing wrong with spending a lot of time in the gym, though. Like Elliot Hulse says in the video, you just gotta do what you gotta do.

I added a lot of workouts to my program on each body part so I do a lot of weight training which takes up to an hr. or an hour an half. I too think that misconception of going into the gym and getting out of there real fast is bullshit. In my opinion, you don’t get a lot of muscle definition that way.

Just to make one thing clear though, I don’t over train. People think I do but I don’t. For my workout program, I usually pick about 4 – 6 workouts for each body part and do 2 workouts for each body part if that makes sense. Two workouts for each body part is good enough. Since I’m now more of an intermediate bodybuilder, I decided to add a lot more workouts to my program which I did. I like to spend a couple of hours in the gym ’cause there’s nothing else better to do in my life and I want to stay active. One thing though, I don’t spend more than 3 hours in the gym ’cause that’s dumb. Lately it’s been 2 hrs or 2 and a half hours which ever I’m in the mood for.

I need to do cardio and stretching. Why cardio? If I want to lose bodyfat and maintain it to keep it low, I need to keep doing cardio. If you don’t do any cardio, you’re doing it wrong. I only do cardio at the gym during the Winter but in the Spring/Summer, I do cardio at home. At home in the Spring/Summer, I do a lot of biking, running, jogging and walking. Sometimes jump roping but I’m going to get back into jump roping a lot more, though. Especially this Winter.

I need to do stretching ’cause I want flexibility and I need flexibility. I’m not that flexible but since I learned a lot of stretching exercises doing boxing and yoga classes at the YMCA, I’ve been doing stretching on my own. I’m getting more flexible the more I do stretching exercises. I’m feeling it. I’m now realizing that you don’t need to do stretching exercises at the gym, you can stretch anywhere.

People think that doing more than an hour of weight training is too much and you’ll lose muscle the more you weight train but I disagree. Look at all those bodybuilders who have competed for the stage… they got that physique ’cause they spent hours in the gym. Don’t even get me going on steroids either ’cause the steroids claim is bullshit.

I say the more weight training you do, the more muscle you get. I’ve done that a lot lately for the past year and I’m getting great results. Like I said, I only weight train for like 1 hr. – 1 and a half… then it’s onto cardio, boxing and stretching. Why do I do cardio, boxing and stretching after all the weight training ’cause it’s my way of cooling down after lifting heavy weights.

With that being said, if someone tells you that you should workout no more than an hour… don’t listen to them. I don’t pay attention to time. I just go in there and do my thing. Usually my sets and rep ranges go from 4 sets X 8 – 12 reps. I always do 4 sets on everything ’cause 3 sets are for newbies. Now I’m a more intermediate bodybuilder, I feel it’s time to go all in and train like a bodybuilder and that’s what I do.



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