Meeting friends through FB social networking groups… healthy for the mind? I say no…

You know how in FB there are a bunch of friends meeting social networking groups like where you get together and try to meet new people online and stuff like that. FB groups where you can network with people all over the US and the world. There are all kinds of groups like that in FB where they claim they are used to “meet new friends and new people online”.  There are also groups in FB where you can use for even online dating, relationships and things like that.

I’ve joined a few of these groups in the past but I immediately left them after experimenting with them in the past to see what they’re like. From what I’m seeing, I see nothing but a bunch of lonely losers with nothing else better to do. Here’s how I see these FB groups in a nutshell… horny lonely men looking for hot women to sleep with and desperate women looking for attention with men. That’s how most of these so called “making new friends” groups are. Women posting all kinds of selfies in these groups just so they can get men to compliment them.

Nothing wrong with meeting friends online as I like to make new friends online but to make friends through social media groups in FB is not really the way to go, in my opinion. In these FB groups, all you’ll see are nothing but a bunch of crazies and nutjobs. I try to take part in these groups a little bit but I’m done with them. You’ll come across a lot of strange and weird people in these groups, it’ll make your head hurt.

If you want to make new “friends”, you don’t need to join these private social networking groups in FB. All you need to make “friends” is have some social skills, get out of the house more often and meet people. That’s it.

Like I said, nothing wrong with making friends with complete strangers online… you don’t need to do that stuff with social networking groups ’cause all I see those things are just lonely and desperate people wanting to get laid.

I’ve been working on my social skills and trying to talk to new people out in public and the real world more. I’ve been trying to get over my introversion and be more confident and it’s working. At the gym I go to in Greenwich, I talk to people there all the time and I know a lot of people there now. I’ve made some new friends at the gym ’cause of it and it feels good. Yeah, I’m trying my best to become a more outgoing person. You don’t need FB groups to meet new people ’cause they are for losers really. I’ve made new friends by going to the gym and going to Powerlifting meets. I prefer to make new friends in the real world which is what I’m trying to do.

You don’t want to meet people through social networking groups ’cause people are messed up in them. Simple as that.


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