No doubt censorship is a real problem in America, always has been and still is…

Censorship is not only a big problem of conservatives in America. Censorship happens with people of all types. Censorship is a real problem in America all over. I’ve been a victim of censorship for many years of my life and that’s why I started my own blog years ago ’cause I was fed up of all the censorship I was getting. Ya know, getting banned from message boards and forums like crazy.

Yep, getting banned through local music websites, getting banned from movie forums and even getting banned through wrestling forums. That’s why I said, “Fuck it. I’ll no longer post in message boards and start my own blog”. Here I am, on my own blog for many years and I can’t get banned on here ’cause wordpress is a big supporter of “freedom of speech” which is why I joined it to begin with.

A lot of people would say that getting banned from forums is all my fault and I’ve brought it upon myself but not really. When I get banned from a message board usually it happens when I get into a heated argument or a debate with a bunch of users and that’s when the admin will jump in. The admin will start arguing with me and this admin will permanently ban me all of a sudden. It happened a lot in the past. Usually people call me a trouble maker but not really. I just speak my mind and speak from the heart but unfortunately that’s not gonna make everybody happy. I just have disagreements and differences of opinions and I’m allowed to do that. Unfortunately some would take it the wrong way and call it “trolling”. I really believe I got kicked off of these forums ’cause I’ve said something right and they didn’t like it so they banned me out of retaliation. I don’t think I ever did anything to break the rules/TOS of the forums. Usually when I get kicked off of a message board it’s usually has something to do with having an argument with the board’s main admin. Yep, you can argue with the board’s users but you can’t have a heated debate with the admin. OOOoooooohhhhhh, such tough guys they are simply ’cause they have that ban button and you don’t.

It’s just that a lot of times most people who are administrators of a message board have abuses of power. They are so egotistical ’cause they have features and controls that you don’t have that they think they can do whatever they want. Just because they are administrator of a forum, they think they are bigger than you and they make you feel small. They kick people off forums they don’t agree with so they censor, censor and censor. Then the admin. makes claims that this person broke the rules just to get away with it. Just like Jack Dorsey bans conservatives off of twitter and then he claims they broke the rules when you know that’s not true.

This has been happening for years so I know what it’s like to get censored. It’s a big problem in America. Still is and always will be. Sad but true.


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