Why I’m good at stirring controversial debates online… it’s because I tell the truth that’s why and people hate it…

Why is that every time there is a discussion happening online and when I decide to join in, everyone gets all mad and gets into a hissy fit? You see this is nothing new and this has been going on for years when it comes to the internet. This has been going no matter where I go on the internet. When I want to join in on a discuss or a debate, I give my opinion and view on something, people get all upset. For this reason, I spark a controversial debate. The debate gets heated and everyone is raging mad at me. They call me all kinds of names like an internet troll and treat me like I’m a bad guy simply ’cause I have different view than everyone else. All this is still going on even to this day.

No matter what topic I talk about with people, I always seem to be good at stirring controversy and getting people fired up. This problem is not just in politics either. It happens in every other topic I talk about like in music, wrestling, movies, weightlifting, health & fitness, etc. Whatever it is, I get people all fired up and get people going.

Some of you may ask, why do I do this? Why am I the way I am? Simply put, I just tell the truth. I just be honest and be as real as possible. If something is on my mind it’s gonna get said. When I join in on a debate or a discussion, I would seem to piss a lot of people off and the arguments would get heated. I think the reason people respond to my posts this way is not because they think I’m offensive and out of line ’cause I never believe I’m “offensive” and “out of line” even though some think I am. I’m allowed to have disagreements and have different views than everybody. I don’t have to fit in with the crowd. We live in a society where if you’re different than everyone, it makes you a bad person. If you’re different then you don’t belong in their clique ’cause this is how cliquey society has become lately.

Me being the way I am has gotten me banned from forums, people who I thought were once my friends walked out of my life because of it, fans and supporters have stopped supporting me and blah blah blah. You get the deal.

You see, people tried to change the way I behave online and in the past, I actually tried. No matter how positive I am and no matter how good of a person I am, people will always find a way to find me offensive of what I say. This is why I no longer give a shit about what people think of me anymore. The days of people pleasing are over. I’ve always had that “Be myself and don’t give a fuck” attitude for a long time now and it’s working. You should have that attitude too. Don’t change for anyone and be yourself. You don’t need anyone’s approval ’cause I certainly don’t.

The reason I stir things up and get people all fired up in debates is simply because they don’t like being wrong and they hate it. That’s why a lot of this happens when people get upset easily ’cause I just go in and tell them they’re wrong on certain topics. They don’t like being called out that they’re wrong… that’s why they respond angrily. I’m allowed to have different opinions and have disagreements with everybody but somehow society doesn’t allow me to.

People are really weird and whacked. That’s why you gotta ignore everyone and just be yourself, ya know? I prefer to be honest and real. I will continue to be honest and real no matter how many out there doesn’t like it.

I just believe that many out there don’t have what it takes to debate me. When you give up, you lose. End of story.

To get people going in discussion and get people fired up, you just have to be real and honest as much as possible. Never apologize for it either and never cave in. Stick to your guns always ’cause people hate that even more. That’s how you win debates ’cause people will say whatever they can to change your opinion to appease them. Never do that. Sticking to your guns and being honest is key to winning debates online.


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