Why my personal records on bench and squats are behind on the deadlift pr’s… I’ll figure out a way to catch up quickly, though…

So my personal records on deadlift, squats and bench are these:

Deadlift: 295 lbs.
Squats: 125 lbs.
Bench: 150 lbs.

Why is it that my bench and squats are lower than my deadlift pr’s? It’s simply because my squats and bench are weaker than deadlift obviously. I’ll get much stronger on bench and squats, I just gotta keep working on them and I have been working on them every week. I figured out why my pr’s haven’t been going up rapidly on squats and bench. I think it’s because for the first two sets on squats and bench, I’ve been doing hypertrophy training for muscle development really. I gotta stop that and gotta start doing a lot more heavy sets and low rep ranges.

For example, I got to do the progressive overload method meaning putting more weight on each set and going lower in reps for each set. I gotta start doing something like this:

Set 1 for 12 reps
Set 2 for 8 reps
Set 3 for 5 reps
Set 4 for 3 reps
Set 5 for 1 rep

I gotta start doing something like that and I will. If I keep doing squats and bench like that, my personal records will definitely go up pretty fast.

Usually for bodybuilding, I would only do 4 sets of each workout for strength training it’s different. In strength training, you gotta do more than 4 sets I hear.

I want to be able to squat and bench over 200 and hopefully catch up to my deadlift numbers too.

Powerlifting training is definitely slightly different than bodybuilding training. Both are not the same ’cause bodybuilding focuses on hypertrophy which is muscle development and powerlifting is all about strength training. I am loving strength training, though and glad I got into it finally.

I want to be really strong and want to be able to lift over 300 lbs. on all three deadlift, squats and bench. I’m already getting close to 300 on deadlift but still got ways to go on squats and bench.

I want to be great at upcoming powerlifting meets and want to be the best I can be so I’m preparing myself to be great. I’m hoping to do another powerlifting meet in the Spring and I think there’s a few of them I want to do in the Spring so during the off season through the Winter, I’m doing my best to prepare and practice. Powerlifting is an awesome sport and I’m glad I got into it.


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