Rant about bringing backpacks, bookbags, gym bags into movie theaters… why do theaters target men with large bags and not women who bring in large pocketbooks? Double standard?

Earlier today, I went to Criterion Cinemas in downtown Saratoga Springs to go see the movie, “Green Book” (which was a very good movie btw and I plan on posting a brief review of that movie in a little bit). In the morning I went to the gym at the Saratoga Springs branch YMCA and brought my gym bag with me. After I got done with the gym, I walked to downtown Saratoga Springs to spend the rest of the day there. Later in the afternoon, I went to Criterion Cinemas to see the “Green Book” movie.

When I walked into the theaters, I had my gym bag on my back as I walked in. I walked to the ticket taker guy, gave him my ticket and then he looked at me like if I was an evil person for a few minutes. Then he demands that I should let him check my bag. I’m like… wtf? This happened before when I went to the same theater with my gym bag but it was a different guy at the ticket taker stand. Instead of asking to check my bag, this guy was a real asshole about it. At first, I tried to refuse and told him, “It’s nothing but gym stuff in it. Like clothes and things like that” but nope… he demanded once again to let him check it. So I said to myself, “fuck it, just do what he says and get it over with”. I thought about sticking up for myself and calling out this guy on his bullshit but all that is gonna do is that this guy will get the manager after me and I’ll probably get kicked out of the theater. So I gave up and let him check my bag.

I know this is nothing new with movie theaters as they are all like this… the ticket takers targeting men who bring in large bags into the theaters but there are plenty of women who walk into the theaters with large pocketbooks and other bags. The ticket taker never targets them to search their bags. Double standard? Yes.

From what I’m understanding, it is not the company’s policy for the ticket taker to search guy’s bags. They don’t have a right to check what’s in them ’cause it’s none of their business of what’s in their bags. Guys of all ages deserve their privacy. I’m almost pretty sure the managers don’t give orders to the ticket taker to search men’s bags. Why do the ticket taker target men of all ages who bring in back packs, gym bags, book bags and whatever? Maybe it’s because they hate their jobs and they just want something to do. They want to look tough ’cause they are the one who is taking your ticket and they would do anything get a raise from their managers.

I understand it’s a safety issue and understand they are worried about you sneaking snacks in but I think it’s ridiculous that they look at you like if you’re an evil person for walking in with a big bag. I go to the movie theaters with my gym bag ’cause I have no place to put it after a gym day. After gym day, I just go straight to the movie theaters instead of home ’cause I’m walking and stuff, ya know? I got dropped off in Saratoga Springs so I was walking.

The movie theaters aren’t the fucking TSA. Us men should have the right to go in theaters with bags just like women have the right to go in with their pocketbooks. Earlier today, I saw a bunch of women walking in the theaters with pocketbooks that were much bigger than my gym bag and the ticket guy didn’t search them. Freakin’ bullshit really.

I should have the right to not let him check my bag. I have my rights too. None of your fucking business of what’s in my bag, buddy. Here’s a big fuck you on this one. Haha…


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